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7 Things First Time Travelers Should Know Before Their Trip to India

…See in India That Aren’t the Taj Mahal Get your visa ahead of time U.S. citizens visiting India are required…
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11 Gorgeous Places in India That Have to Be Seen to Be Believed

…hornbill. Thar Desert The 77,000 square miles that make up India’s sprawling Thar Desert, known also as the Great Indian…
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What’s Shaking Up the Drinks Scene in Goa, India?

…so-called Indian tequila is bottled in Goa. These are the drinks to look out for in the Indian state: Feni…
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When the Obvious Isn’t Your Thing: 7 Places to See in India That Aren’t the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a must-visit for anyone traveling to India for the first time, but there are equally awe-inspiring…
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See Surat, India, Like a Local: Explore the Diamond City’s Bazaars, Temples, Beaches and More

…Getty India) Surat also boasts the biggest amphitheater in India. Set in the center of the city near the Tapti…
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Experience Mumbai, India’s Old-World Charm and Glitzy Modern Side on a Three-Day Visit

From grand colonial mansions to glittering skyscrapers and wide seaside promenades, Mumbai, India, is all-encompassing. A buzzing metropolis of 20…
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Find Life’s Simple Pleasures with Tea and Buns in Goa, India

It was still fairly early, closing in on 7a.m., as the golden hue of the morning light tinged the sky….
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Explore Bengaluru, India’s High-Tech Center, With a Local Concierge

…in April [2018] was great. We had a traditional Indian welcome for our first guests. There was a dhol [vibrant…

Find Inspiration Through Singapore’s Arts and Indie Scene

…a dull city for business and getting creative. Although Singapore’s at the nexus of different cultures—Chinese, Malay, Indian and the…
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In Living Color: Where in the World to Celebrate Holi

…beats, and watch traditional Indian music and dance performances. Toronto Home to a huge Indian community, Canada has large-scale celebrations…