Ham 2 eggs and hashbrowns at Central Grill and Coffee House in Old Town Albuquerque

Dig into an “All American” breakfast at Central Grill and Coffee House in Old Town Albuquerque. (Photo: Don James)


How to Eat Your Way Through Old Town Albuquerque in a Day

You have 24 hours to eat your way through Albuquerque’s Old Town scene: Game on.

Unfortunately, societal rule of thumb is that you should only typically eat three meals a day. No problem! We know just the three Old Town restaurants you need to eat at for breakfast, lunch and dinner to make your trip to ABQ a filling one (literally). Make sure you take a few laps around Old Town between each yummy stop so you don’t cramp up!

Breakfast: Central Grill and Coffee House

Mom always said, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” You should take that advice very seriously in ABQ. For the perfect cup of coffee with just the right amount perk, start your glorious day of grubbing at Central Grill and Coffee House in Old Town Albuquerque.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by the staff with open arms and smiles. Keep the positive vibe going by ordering the ABQ Western from the menu, which is sliced brisket, smoked sausage, cheddar and BBQ sauce on a toasted ciabatta bun. Before you leave, order one of their gorgeously crafted Macchiato’s to go. Mmm…

Foodie Tip: This spot offers gluten-free options, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Lunch: Backstreet Grill

Mini chimichangas at Backstreet Grill in Old Town Albuquerque
Dig into Mini Chimis at Backstreet Grill. (Photo: courtesy Backstreet Grill)

You’ve finished your macchiato and you’re roaming the streets of Old Town Albuquerque looking for a Mexican restaurant that’ll make you go “Chipotle-who?” We feel you. Guacamole should be enjoyed on a regular basis, so we suggest you check out Backstreet Grill.

Not only is Backstreet Grill in a great location off-the-beaten track, but they also have a gorgeous outdoor patio and serve local brews.

Not into hops? No biggie – order their tequila shrimp avocado cocktail, it’s as unique and flavorful as it sounds. While you’re checking out their menu, your server is no doubt going to suggest you order a plate of their duck tacos — red chili-braised duck legs diced up and served into three corn tortillas, topped with corn and black bean relish, mango mole sauce, cotija cheese, cilantro and toasted pumpkin seeds. Don’t hesitate to take that suggestion.

Foodie Tip: Still pretty full from the ABQ Western you had at Central Grill and Coffee House? Been there. Instead of getting a full meal, order their nachos. They’re topped with everything and there’s something so delicious about the crunch of the tortilla and the thrill of finding just the right chip with every topping on it.

Dinner & Drinks: Antiquity Restaurant

No doubt you’re going to want to double back to Backstreet Grill for dinner, too; we certainly wouldn’t blame you. But if you come with a plan, make sure the plan includes reservations at the classic Antiquity Restaurant.

The spot is a classically romantic and distinctly New Mexican steakhouse — with a stucco interior, local art, a warm tavern-like feel, and a patio of twinkling lights. The menu is filled with decadent and fresh dishes, from the Australian Lobster to the tableside carved Chateaubriand for two, and an extensive international wine list.

To keep the perfect night going, make sure not to skip out on any course. The stuffed mushrooms are filled to the brim with delicious breadcrumbs and sausage and the dessert menu is a must-try.

Foodie Tip: This intimate spot is reservations only! Reserve early. Beyond that, save room for their polyczenta dessert, a cinnamon, walnut and cream-filled crepe drizzled in decadent chocolate sauce.