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New Year’s Eve is Coming. Skip the Same Auld Lang Syne in Atlanta

Looking for a new place for New Year’s Eve? Consider an Atlanta New Year’s Eve. (Photo: Getty Images)

As the song says, you can toast the good old days with friends you’ll never forget, but why not do it in a new place? That place is Atlanta. Break out that selfie stick you got for the holidays and make some Instagram and Vine-worthy moments in the ATL. In fact, use Lil’ Jon’s Atlanta anthem for inspiration and ask yourself: “Turn down for what?”

Hide/Find Your True Self

You mooched off someone’s HBO Go all year, and that email telling your boss how you really feel is still a draft. That was the old you, but just in case you hit send, party incognito at Atlanta Nightlife’s NYE Masquerade Ball at 595 North Event Venue & Lounge. Atlanta’s hottest DJs spin house and pop for up to 1,000 people, and you need to be one of them.

Raise a Glass: Admission is $50, or you can ball out with a group and book a VIP package that includes two bottles of Grey Goose. 2016 only happens once, after all.

Take Me to Church

Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium (Call it “Church like the regulars) will show you the light in 2016. Church wears irreverence on its sleeve by selling art that would get you expelled from Sunday school (or any school for that matter), and throwing insane parties 365 days a year. If you go to one bar in Atlanta, make it Church, and if you only go to confession once a year, do it in their antique confessional booth on New Year’s Eve.

Raise a Glass: The party at Church is so tried and true, they stick to what they know on New Year’s Eve. They spring for a flute of free Champagne for everyone at midnight, but PBR with ping pong is a strong Church tradition.

Laugh Last at Years Past

Maybe you’re the one who gets stuck in the bathroom line during the countdown wondering what you missed when you re-emerge post-smooch. Atlanta Improv is the perfect refuge for those who aren’t exactly “ball-drop people.” T.J. Miller (yes, “Silicon Valley,” “Big Hero 6,” “Chelsea Lately,” fabulous hair T.J. Miller) is doing two NYE shows for those who need to laugh off 2015. There’s a two-drink minimum, but is that really a problem?

Raise a Glass: Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood is ultra-chic, but you can find glimpses of old-school A-Town in the cuisine. Buckhead Diner has spruced-up comfort food, and if their white chocolate banana cream pie can win a James Beard Award, it can make your resolution list.

Pinch a Penny

If you went a little nuts with your Amazon Prime account in 2015, channel your inner money-smart adult this year. The drive-thru extravaganza Fantasy in Lights at Callaway Gardens is one of the best places to fit in last-minute holiday cheer without breaking the bank. The $19 entry also covers live music and midnight countdown at Robin Lake Beach. Getting change back from a twenty and practicing your new fiscally responsible face on Instagram is a great way to ring in 2016.

Raise a Glass: On second thought, a penny saved is a penny better spent on a different fine-dining experience at Gunshow. Is it a churrascaria? Is it dim sum? Is it classic Southern? Yes, yes, and yes. Make reservations for a NYE culinary celebration that’s 100% Atlanta.