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Find a moment of inner peace and wellness in Austin. (Photo: Getty Images)


How to Treat Yourself to Some Serious Self-Care in Austin

One of the most health-conscious cities in the U.S., Austin began embracing the wellness movement long before the rest of us caught on. That’s why this hip little Texan city is the perfect place to escape to for some much-deserved self-care.

From unusual fitness classes and spa treatments to meditation and sensory deprivation, here are a few ways wellness might just be the new weird in Austin. To ensure maximum relaxation, be sure to check for any local restrictions or closures prior to arriving at any of these spots.

Breathe Easy at Austin Salt Cave

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Heal yourself at Austin Salt Caves. (Photo: Courtesy of Austin Salt Cave)

Feeling a bit salty? There’s nothing like a dose of sodium chloride to soothe what ails you. Inside the therapy room at Austin Salt Cave, the finest particles of pink Himalayan salt are pumped into the air using state-of-the-art technology.

Lie back in one of the zero-gravity chairs and breathe in, letting the soft music lull you into a gentle snooze.

Not only is it blissfully relaxing, but halotherapy (the fancy term for “salt therapy”) is also said to help soothe respiratory issues like allergies or asthma and even calm skin redness or irritation.

Float On at Zero Gravity Institute

The latest wellness trend keeping Austin weird is sensory deprivation. Zero Gravity Institute is the O.G. of the zero-G, designed to ease you into a truly transformative floating experience. Inside the dark tank, your body floats on dense saltwater and gently slips into a meditative state of consciousness.

This may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but sensory deprivation as a form of alternative medicine has been gaining in popularity since the 1950s. Nowadays, we’re fighting more distractions and constant stimuli than ever. The opportunity to completely disconnect is enough to tempt any self-care seeker.

Get AWAY from It All at W Austin

To escape the nonstop hustle and bustle of downtown Austin, step inside the stylish AWAY Spa at W Austin. AWAY Spa specializes in signature massages, body treatments, facials and more. Pamper yourself during some well-earned “me time,” or spoil that special someone with a romantic round of treatments together.

The guest favorite, Over the Hills and Far Away, is a Led Zeppelin–inspired VIP treatment that will send you floating on a “Stairway to Heaven.” Start with a full-body exfoliation, followed by detoxifying parafango mud treatments. Continue with a full-body Swedish massage and finish with a refreshing coconut mini-facial. Sheer bliss.

Find Your Zen at Meditation Bar

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Say, “Ohm.” (Photo: Getty Images)

To understand why celebrities and CEOs are all raving about the benefits of meditation, check out Meditation Bar in Austin. This serene studio offers daily meditation classes, workshops and mindful yoga, welcoming both novices and more experienced practitioners.

Take a pause on your lunch break by joining a mid-day relaxation or resiliency class. For a “Happy Hour” that won’t leave you hungover, join the studio’s signature guided meditation after hours.

Perfect Your Prana with Yoga Hike

Skip the sweaty, overly scented studio in favor of fresh air and natural surroundings. Austin-based Yoga Hike combines a cardio-focused hike with scenic stops for practicing yoga poses along the way. Classes take place every Saturday at different trails around Austin, including Reimers Ranch Park and Pedernales Falls State Park.