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Crete’s Unique Eats: Meze and (Much!) More

Locally sourced ingredients, unfussy cooking and generations of culinary traditions help make Cretan cuisine the healthiest of all the Mediterranean diets. A vast coastline, largely untouched mountain ranges and fertile plains are the backdrop for…
Weekend Getaways

Have 48 Hours or Less? Here’s Your Quick Guide to Santorini

Few islands have quite the same allure as Santorini, and no other island (Greek or otherwise) can lay claim to being the source of the legend of Atlantis, either. Santorini, or “Thera” in Greek, is…
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Discover Athens from Above as You Hike the Hills or Sip Rooftop Cocktails

Athens, the oldest capital city in Europe, is equal parts ancient wonder and modern marvel — and as such, it practically begs to be admired. And because it’s a hilly metropolis to boot, there is…