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These 8 Destinations in Asia and Australia Are a Bleisure Traveler’s Dream

Imagine starting your day by an oceanfront pool, laptop and cup of coffee in hand, and clocking out in the afternoon for a mountain trek or swim in the sea. If this sounds like perfection,…

Level Up Family Fun at 6 All-Inclusive Resorts Perfect for Families

With life seemingly moving at a million miles an hour, family time is more important that ever. An epic family trip is the perfect way to step back and take time to connect, but planning…

Find Outdoor Adventure Under 3 Hours Away from These Cities in Asia and Australia

It’s always inspiring to rediscover the great outdoors, and even in the biggest cities, nature is never too far away. Enjoy the first blooms in the mountains of Hokkaido, trek through South Asia’s densest rainforest…

How Solo Travel Led to Self Love One Epic Autumn in South America

Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere hits a little differently. In Playa Zapallar, a popular Chilean vacation spot two hours west of Santiago, the season carries a perpetual mist through the woodland forest flanking the beach….
Beach Travel

From the Andaman Coast to Guam, Visit These Beaches in Asia and the Pacific in the Off-Season

Summer isn’t over on the sunny shores of the Andaman Sea or the warm, coral-filled waters of Guam. September to early November is shoulder season in these six beach areas in Asia and the Pacific…
Travel by Design

Mountains, Buttes and More: 11 Hotels that Embrace Their Peak Views

Hotels are more than just places to bunker down — they encapsulate a certain lifestyle. And these cleverly thought-out hotels with views of glacial mountains, surrounded by desert canyons and carved into oceanside cliffs demonstrate…
Weekend Getaways

Plotting a 3-Day Escape? 6 Exceptional Weekend Vacation Spots in East Asia

Whether it’s a city break you desire or a beach getaway, in East Asia, the weekend trip is making a comeback. Sip tea on a mountain, dive in a sinkhole and explore an artist village….

5 Ways to Eat Well in Singapore

For centuries, immigrants from all corners of the earth have made this island on the equator their home, and there are many merits to this, especially gastronomic. In Singapore restaurants, it’s often hard to distinguish…

Meet Me in Venice? Tales of a Vacation Boyfriend and a Romance That Spans the Globe

“I like this thing we’re doing,” Sam said, gazing at me with big green eyes as we sipped Aperol spritzes in a Venetian bar in the city’s Sant’Elena neighborhood. “Meeting in a new country every…

Treat Your Body and Mind to Luxe Relaxation at 6 Spas Across Asia

When it comes to spa treatments, does it matter if it’s a hot-stone massage in an overwater villa with marine life teeming below or a soak in a hot tub on the 116th floor of…