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Weekend Getaways

Sugar Shacks, Mountains and More: Find Canada’s Best Long Weekend Getaways in Every Season

Flexible work schedules are making long weekend jaunts more common, as travelers take advantage of the realization that long weekends are fair game all year. Canada is a nation of four distinct seasons, each offering…
Road Trips

Take it Slow and Savor the In-Between Sights on a Toronto to Montreal Road Trip

Canada’s two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal, both offer warm Canadian hospitality and big-city attractions that range from contemporary art galleries to international cuisine to massive music festivals. And while a straight drive between the…
Road Trips

Amp Up Your Holiday Spirit on a Road Trip from Montreal to the Gaspésie

The Gaspésie — as it’s known locally — is a peninsula stretching along the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River. The region, which is one of Quebec’s lesser-explored areas, includes sweeping coastal viewpoints, stunning…
Tips + Trends

Beyond Old Quebec: 6 Quebec City Neighborhoods You Need to Know

As one of the oldest European settlements in North America, Quebec City is the cradle of the continent’s French-speaking population. The city has all the charm (and politeness) you’d expect from a Canadian destination, but…
Tips + Trends

Cruising from Canada? Find Boatloads to Do in These Port Cities

Many travelers embarking on a cruise choose to bookend a few days in a port city. This presents an opportunity to go deeper into a destination: to see a museum, sample a couple of restaurants,…
Tips + Trends

From Nova Scotia to Newfoundland, Atlantic Canada Is a Year-Round Wonderland

Atlantic Canada is an epicenter of outdoor adventure. But it’s also rich in history and historical sites. Across the region, a variety of National Historic Sites have been preserved for their historic and geographic significance….
Tips + Trends

Creativity and Culture Reign in This Insider’s Guide to Downtown Montreal

Montreal is one of North America’s best walkable cities. The downtown is relatively compact, enabling visitors to transfer between some of the best attractions — boutiques, bistros, museums and more — with relative ease. Still,…
Tips + Trends

5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint on Your Travels

Most of us love to travel. On a personal level, travel helps rejuvenate our spirits: We have “ah-ha” moments; we fall in love; we experience minor expansions. Travel is living our best lives. On a…
Culture + Style

See for Yourself Why Canada’s Winter Festivals Shine So Bright

A Canadian winter is a magical thing: Dark nights mean lights twinkle brighter, falling snow creates fairytale settings, and cooler temperatures encourage snuggling. The citizens of Canada are a hearty bunch who aren’t afraid to…
Travel by Design

Creating Connections and Embracing Community at the Sheraton Saint-Hyacinthe Hotel

The 50,000-person town of Saint-Hyacinthe has been nicknamed the “Agricultural Technopolis” of Canada due to its thriving food production and biotechnology sectors. However, until recently, Saint-Hyacinthe was missing one key element: premium accommodation. But with…