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Monterrey’s Bar Culture is Hot. Here’s Where to Drink Up.

When the sun goes down in Monterrey, the fun begins in the so-called “Sultan of the North.” On your next trip, don’t forget to experience the regiomontana (Monterrey) nightlife, where you’ll find bars and taverns…
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Is This Once-Active Volcano an Energy Vortex? Visit the Heart of Querétaro and Feel the Vibes

Sixty-five million years ago, in the heart of Querétaro, an enormous volcano was extinguished forever; the lava inside slowly cooling until becoming solid. The passing of time destroyed the volcano slopes, revealing the cooled-off molten…

The Deep Green of the Sierra Gorda, Just a Few Hours from the City of Querétaro

Even the most experienced travelers will be amazed by the Sierra Gorda’s forests, waterfalls, summits and hundreds of ecotourism activities to enjoy amidst the greenery, just a few hours from the city of Querétaro. A…