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5 Ways Africa Is Becoming More Sustainable (and Where to Experience It)

The vast continent of Africa is becoming greener in more ways than you think. Whether it’s through fashion or local land preservation, sustainability is a huge priority throughout many countries. And destinations are taking action…
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Flower Fields, Mountain Treks and Safaris: Here’s Where to Travel in May

There’s no arguing the appeal of traveling in May. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the height of spring but not quite yet summer. To the south, autumn is kicking in, along with the dry season…
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Put These 7 Kenya Must-Dos on Your Travel Bucket List

If you’re on the hunt for your next adventure, look no further than Kenya. This East African country boasts unbelievable wildlife experiences featuring the rarest animal sightings in the world. Plus, more and more people…
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5 Amazing Eco-Experiences in Rwanda You Can’t Miss

Rwanda is home to some of the most precious wildlife and ecosystems the world has ever seen. The country’s government, along with its local communities, doesn’t take this gift lightly. From the banning of plastic…
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Beyond Addis Ababa: 7 Must-Do Ethiopia Experiences

No trip to Ethiopia is complete without a pit stop in Addis Ababa. Besides having to fly into the capital city’s International Airport, it showcases some of the best things Ethiopian culture has to offer….
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Why the Seychelles Are the Ultimate Luxury Getaway

There are luxury vacations, and then there’s the Seychelles. The tropical paradise is an archipelago consisting of 115 of the world’s most pristine islands. For those who can afford it, the country off the coast…

Your Guide to Planning the Perfect Tanzania Safari

When you commit to going on safari, don’t settle for anything less than the best, and in Tanzania, the wildlife viewing is so extraordinary, it will literally feel like the animals are coming to you….