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Bird Is the Word: Channel Your Inner Bird-Watcher in These 5 Destinations

Few hobbies invite enthusiasts to be still in the way that the trendier-than-ever sport of birding does. Unlike, say, fishing or painting, the entry point into birding requires no talent and very little equipment. Start…
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Heady Ways to Entertain Yourself While Traveling

While downtime is (almost) always welcome during a workday, travel downtime can, at times, be frustrating. And if you forget to bring a book with you or you’ve (temporarily) run out of stories to tell…
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Summer Forever! Best Places to Travel When Winter’s Coming on Fast

Summer Fridays have come to their end. Ahead? Chillier days. Sweaters. Puffy coats. Snow shoveling. So much snow shoveling! Not that there’s anything wrong with all that (OK, maybe a little less shoveling would be…

7 Quick, Kid-Friendly Trips That Bring the Fun (and Some Learning, Too!)

Summer may be winding down (or perhaps it’s already gone) but that doesn’t mean your family’s travel time has to come to an end. Make sure everybody gets their homework out of the way during…
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Cooking on the Road? Try 6 Smart Meals You Can Make in a Hotel or Timeshare Kitchen

Heading out on the road is no reason to give up cooking your own meals. Truth is, eating every meal out while traveling gets exhausting, expensive and, at times, unhealthy. Still, it’s easy to stick…
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Planning Long-Term Travel? 10 Ways to Make the Most of an Extended Stay

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, if you have a stint of extended travel on the horizon, consider yourself lucky. With these extended-travel tips on your side, you can turn long-term travel into the chance…

South Africa in Bloom: On the Flower Trail in Cape Town and Beyond

South Africa had long been on my travel wish list. Since childhood, I dreamed of watching zebras, lions, giraffes and, most of all, elephants hanging out in their natural habitat, far away from any zoos….

Moving Around Savannah: Outdoor Adventures Abound

If there were a list of top 10 cities perfect for a lazy day, Savannah and its sun-dappled squares would certainly qualify. So if that’s what you choose to do, no worries. But if you’re…
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Monumental Summer Road Trips: Crisscross the U.S. to See These Iconic Sights

You’ve got a week off. Maybe two? Two is better because it’s time to go road tripping, and you don’t want to rush a road trip — they’re really about taking time to stop, not…
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Doughnut Hesitate to Eat This Sandwich

No need to worry about Doughnut Day sending you into full sugar-crash nap by 3 p.m. This year, you’re going to rock some protein along with that pillowy glazed (or plain) doughnut goodness. Here, we…