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Weekend Getaways

Discover the Many Treasures of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on a Weekend Getaway

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, looks like an image from a postcard, with a historic city center tucked between the mountains of the rolling Sierra Madre and the golden beaches of Banderas Bay. And while this coastal…
Tips + Trends

Need a Break? Switch Up the Pace on a Day Trip From Mexico City

It’s impossible to run out of things to do in Mexico City, but visitors looking for a change of scenery and pace will find that the capital’s surrounding areas are just as full of possibilities….
Mexico City

The Comprehensive Guide to Mexico’s Food Regions

Mention the words “Mexican food” and many people automatically think “tacos,” but that doesn’t begin to do justice to the depth and breadth of what authentic Mexican food encompasses. Mexican cuisine is incredibly rich and…
Weekend Getaways

The Best of Puerto Vallarta: What to Do and See in 48 Hours

With only 48 hours to spend in Puerto Vallarta, you’ll want to make the most of every minute. Take some time to explore the different areas of town, enjoy the beaches and sunsets, and, since…
Puerto Vallarta

A Foodie’s Guide to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico’s Unexpected Eater’s Paradise

Puerto Vallarta is a beach destination with an abundance of attractions. Its superb location on the lovely Banderas Bay makes for fantastic beaches, picturesque landscapes and spectacular sunset; its active arts community ensures there’s interesting…
Mexico City

Turn Back Time: 5 Places to Learn about Mexico’s Rich History

There are numerous places throughout Mexico where you can learn about the country’s rich and complex past. Be it ancient sites that are full of mystery, places that witnessed the clash of beliefs and customs…