Articles by Vivian Chung


6 Ways Travelers Can Respect Local Wildlife

From the backcountry of Zion National Park to the pristine forests of Banff and Sequoia national parks, visitors have the privilege of spotting all manner of wildlife. While this is true year-round, in the spring…

From Beachside Bonfires to Mountain Backdrops, 6 Canada Beaches to Visit This Fall

Though dipping temperatures means Canada’s transitional fall season isn’t the time to splash in ocean or lake waters, the empty stretches of sand and thinner crowds make this a peaceful time to visit the coast….

From Niagara Falls to Vancouver, Find the Best Family Vacation Ideas in Canada

The best family vacations in Canada, with its scenic coastlines, interactive museums and thrilling water parks, entertain young travelers of all kinds, from toddlers who love splashing around to older kids who yearn for the…