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Why You’ll Feel at Home in Charlotte’s Dilworth Neighborhood

Hang in historic Dilworth for the charm, the cool and the eats at spots like 300 East. (Photos: Courtesy 300 East)

If you live in Charlotte, N.C., you want to live in Dilworth because of its oak-lined streets, gorgeous turn-of-the-century houses and quaint down-home feel. If you are visiting Charlotte, you’ll gravitate to this ‘hood, designated as a National Historic District, for the same reasons. Not to mention its super charming shops and booming restaurant scene. Here’s where to go:

charlotte nc dilworth our olive
(Photo: Courtesy Pour Olive)

Pour Olive

Think you could hold your own in the “Chopped” kitchen? Don’t miss a chance to stop in at Pour Olive. This family-owned-and-operated artisanal oil and vinegar shop showcases olive oil and vinegar creations you didn’t know your kitchen was missing. Choosing among the more than 40 selections of olive oils and vinegars can be a challenge; smart shoppers rely on the staff for their recommendations and take advantage of the tasting options.

What to Buy: Flavors explode on the tongue as you sample the black cherry balsamic vinegar or blood orange infused olive oil. You’ll never look at a salad the same way again.

The Common Market

The hipster-chic marketplace, The Common Market, delivers the kind of local experience we all crave. It’s the right choice when you need a quick bite for lunch; just check the chalkboard to see what the crew has available. Then snag your choice from the rotating selection of 8-10 beers on tap for an impromptu al fresco meal on the patio. If you need a caffeine kick, order the “Sexy Power” (you call it coffee).

What to Get: The special of the day won’t disappoint and we suggest you pair it with a North Carolina beer for a little bit of heaven in your hand. Be warned, you’ll need plenty of time to peruse the beer selection.

300 East

The renovated turn-of-the-century house in Dilworth at 300 East Boulevard is better known as 300 East, a family-owned restaurant drawing rave reviews for its service and food. Make your reservations and request a window seat, or celebrate warm weather with a meal on the patio. The locally sourced menu ranges from a seared Ahi tuna salad with organic greens and wasabi dressing to sweet potato ravioli.

What to Drink: If you’re inclined to sample the house libation, check out their signature, Matilda Wong. You’ll be served a pitcher with a single straw for this 32-ounce potent potable. The boozy concoction is made with Triple Sec, rum, brandy and plenty of gin topped off with fresh juices.

charlotte nc dilworth copper
(Photos: Courtesy Copper)


Successfully melding a historic setting in an early 20th-century bungalow with authentic and contemporary Indian cuisine, Copper proves the two add up to something special. The signature architectural elements of the bungalow are enhanced by bold colors and a spare design aesthetic. This keeps the focus on the menu and an extensive wine list, which won an Award of Excellence from The Wine Spectator.

What to Order: The murgh tikka masala consistently pleases, as does the garlic naan. Don’t worry about the spice level, since you can ask them to adjust it.