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Are You Following Them? Best Chicago Twitter and Instagram Accounts

(Photos Courtesy @jasonmpeterson, @chicityfashion, @chicagofoodauthority, and @kbucklandphoto)

Sure you can thumb through that green guide for things to do during your stay in Chicago. But the people that really know the city, the nitty gritty of the city, are the locals. Think of them as your backdoor entrance into the city. Instead of sending you to the obvious Chicago attractions with every other tourist, you may be off biking to a little park then dining at a trendy new restaurant by one of Chicago’s up-and-coming chefs who sources ingredients from the farmers market. How do you find these locals? Pull out your smartphone; these social influencers will get your started in the right direction during your stay:

Find Chicago’s Instagood Spots on Instagram

@jasonmpeterson asks you to willingly follow him into the dark and I suggest you do so. His Instagram is a stunning feed of black and white photography that captures Chicago’s architecture along with some sports figures. You’ll not only want to visit the locations but you’ll want to purchase his breathtaking images.

@chicityfashion: If you’re a fashionista, then Jena Gamabccini is your girl. While some of her posts are self-indulgent, she often gets you where you shop around town, even the newest places. From clothing to accessories, Jena posts street-style images and where all her fab finds are purchased. And unlike most slaves to fashion, she’s a foodie too.

@chicagofoodauthority: Samantha Roby is the queen of Instagram food in Chicago. Look no further for food porn than Roby’s feed. And how this girl manages to eat as much as she does, cheers to her, but you will find all the best, hottest, far out places on her Instagram for every single meal.

@kbucklandphoto: Not only does Kyle Buckland have an amazing Instagram flying around Chicago but he offers “instameets” an opportunity to meet other art-loving Instagram photographers, which meet at the Art Institute of Chicago. His feed features some of the most amazing landscapes and aerial, as well as timelapse videos. With #chiberia trending two years in a row, his extraordinary image from Montrose Harbor became iconic throughout Chicago social media, representing a harsh 2015 winter.

Tweet at These Locals for Real Chicago

@stevedolinsky is a legend in the Chicago food world having won numerous James Beard awards for journalism and media. His buddy is Rick Bayless (@rick_bayless) with whom he records an award-winning podcast. But mostly, Steve eats…all day long and tweets about it. The good, the bad and the ugly. He’s actually been asked to leave some places before, so he’s the real deal. Caution: you may gain weight just following.