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NFL Pro Brian Urlacher Surprises a Family With 50 Super Bowl Tickets and Shares His Chicago Faves

If you are from Chicago and you are a football fan, you know who Brian Urlacher is. The 8-time Pro Bowler, NFL Rookie of the Year in 2000 and Defensive Player of the Year in 2005, stunned on the field. If he’s standing on your doorstep with 50 Super Bowl tickets for you and your closest friends to go to Super Bowl 50, you’re probably stunned on your front doorstep.

This is what happened to the much-deserving Craigle Family when Marriott Rewards selected them to receive 50 tickets and a trip of a lifetime with their family and friends to attend Super Bowl 50. After the big reveal, we asked Urlacher about his favorite Chicago places and his own rewarding travel experiences.

You lived in Chicago for many years. What’s your best advice for first-timers to Chicago?

You’ve got to eat at the restaurants downtown. There are so many to choose from. You can’t make a bad decision when you are choosing food from Chicago.

Have to ask about hot dogs. What’s your favorite place to grab a hot dog in Chicago?

I’m going to go with Portillo’s. If you haven’t been to Chicago or had a hot dog, that’s where you want to go for a Chicago dog.

After 8 Pro Bowls, you might know a thing or two about Honolulu. What’s your favorite thing to do there?

My favorite thing to do in Honolulu is golf. The water is great, but I’m an avid golfer so my favorite thing to do out there is golf.

Do you ever work out in the city? Go for a run? Where do you go?

When I work out in Chicago, I’m usually on my treadmill in my game room. I don’t really go outside, especially in winter, when it’s too cold. But I know a lot of people like to go to North Avenue Beach downtown. That’s a great place for people to ride their bikes, rollerblade or run.

What’s the most rewarding trip you’ve ever taken?

I went on a USO tour and I spent five straight days with the troops. I went to Afghanistan, Turkey, Spain, London and Italy. The best trip ever. We got to fly on Air Force 2. The coolest thing I’ve ever done.