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The Best Pool Slides at Orlando’s Water Parks

Summit Plummet at Disney’s Blizzard Beach is one of the best pool slides in Orlando. (Photo: Courtesy Disney)

Roller coasters are fun, but nothing beats the thrill of a towering water slide in the midst of Florida’s sweltering summer. Lucky for you, Orlando is jam-packed with water parks to cool off you and the family. Want to get soaked and accelerate your heart rate? Here are four of the best slides you can find:

Taking flight

You can’t miss Coco Key Water Resort — its massive water slides are visible from I-4. And Boomerango Tube Slide is an absolute beast, dropping you from a launch spot 45 feet above ground, down through an open tube and then — and this is the kicker — back up (!) an open wall that will make you feel as if you’ve somehow escaped gravity for a moment. Of course, you haven’t, as you’ll then plummet straight back down into the exit pool. It’s a quick ride, but incredibly exhilirating.

Sliding with dolphins

At Sea World’s Aquatica, you can find the aptly named Dolphin Plunge. The tube slide itself isn’t that incredible … until you notice you’re traveling through a pool that’s home to a handful of Commerson’s Dolphins. It’s one of the only slides around that makes you wish you were going more slowly, as the experience of riding through a pod of dolphins is one you’ll not want to end as quickly as it does.


Breaking records

Leave it to Disney to up the ante. The resort’s Blizzard Beach water park has a lazy river, a wave pool and several awesome water slides, but the marquee attraction here is the 120-foot Summit Plummet, the third-tallest water slide in the world. It’s also one of the fastest, zipping guests on a 60 mph ride down to the pool below.