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Why Ross Mathews Would Road Trip with Liza Minnelli and Not Donald Trump

Ross Mathews knows which celeb would make a great travel buddy and which wouldn’t. (Photo: John Fleming Photography)

If anyone has the celebrity scoop it’s Ross Mathews, the affable TV personality travels from red carpet to red carpet powered by disarming charm and witty banter. When he’s not dishing the latest pop culture deets on Hollywood Today Live, you might find him in his happy place — Palm Springs. But Mathews doesn’t just share that megawatt personality on TV, he uses it widely to shine a light on LGBTQ issues and as an ambassador for Marriott Rewards’ #LoveTravels campaign.

You’ve been involved with the #LoveTravels campaign for a year now, what does “Love Travels” mean to you? How do you apply it in your everyday life? How do you apply it when you travel?

Well, #LoveTravels is all about people celebrating their own stories — their passions, where they come from, where they’re going — and doing it with love. And for me, that’s how I live my life. So I’m partnering with Marriott Rewards for the second year in a row spreading the #LoveTravels message because I see it working.

You know this time last year, I was marrying a couple from Texas — George (Carrancho) and Sean (Franklin) — on the Marriott Rewards’ float for Capital Pride. In Texas, they didn’t have the right to get married. And here we are, a year later, and everyone across the country has equal rights to marriage. That’s because of the hard work that me — and far-better people than me — have been doing for a long time with the help of companies like Marriott.

ross mathews marriott rewards longview gallery
Ross Matthews checks out a #LoveTravels art installation at Long View Gallery in Washington, D.C. (Photo: John Fleming Photography)

Palm Springs is one of your favorite places to visit. Why? What keeps you coming back?

Well, I go to Palm Springs all the time. It’s right near LA, but it feels like it’s a world away. It’s a great city with happy and fun people who come from all over the world….The bars have great mixologists and signature cocktails. I do enjoy my “Palm Springs Lemonades.”

What celebrity would you enjoy traveling with?

I’d like to do a road trip with Liza Minnelli in a minivan. We’d need a minivan to pack all the caftans. You know what I’m saying? I’d like to go to Reno or Laughlin, NV, with her. And then when we get there, we’d just play penny slots for 20 hours straight.

Is there a celebrity you would not travel with?

I would probably not travel with Donald Trump because he wouldn’t let me roll down the window. It would mess up his hair. And by hair, I mean that one piece that just twirls on top of his head.

So when you do travel … do you pack light or heavy?

I’m a light packer. I usually don’t have time to check anything in. I’m not going to play that game where I wait for hours to watch the luggage carousel go around and around and around. Homo don’t play that. So I pack light, smart and efficiently.

Are there any travel essentials you normally throw in your bag?

Yeah, for sure … always. I do a slip on shoe when I travel so they’re easy to put on and take off to get through security. I always bring my headphones and my iPad —that’s a must — and hand sanitizer and sani-wipes.

And finally, you’re a sharp dresser. If you won a free shopping spree to any city in the world where would you go and why?

Hmm, a free shopping spree in any city? Um, I’m looking at my partner Salvador and I would have to ask him because he’s the wardrobe stylist. Honestly, I really don’t shop that much. I go to Target and that makes me happy. So as long as it’s something comfortable, and like breezy for me to wear, I wouldn’t care. I’m not a fancy guy like that.


Yes, I like my Target. I like my Rite-Aid and my CVS. I don’t need much more than that.