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Jewelry designer Mercedes Salazar wearing a dress bought at Casa T’HŌ. (Photo: Marriott International)

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A Fashion Guide to Mexico: What to Wear and Buy in Los Cabos, Mexico City and the Yucatan

Travelers to Mexico are immediately attracted to the country’s vibrant colors, textures and flavors, and each state displays its regional style proudly. From handmade clothing with indigenous influences to accessories by new designers worth keeping an eye out for, style-minded travelers are guaranteed to find the perfect item to travel fashionably throughout the country.

Those who love shopping will enjoy getting lost in Mexico’s myriad small shops, craft markets and shopping malls, but if you’re pressed for time or want to avoid wandering around aimlessly, head straight to the shopping gems that made it into our fashion guide to Mexico. Just be sure to check for any local restrictions or closures prior to your trip.

Mexico City

Named the World Design Capital in 2018, Mexico City has enough stylish neighborhoods to keep you entertained for days. Being a city of its size, you won’t necessarily find a regional style that defines it, but rather a blend of local and international influences.

Whatever you can find in the rest of the country, you can most certainly find here. If you’re after silver jewelry from the town of Taxco, handmade blouses from Oaxaca or artisanal homewares from any of Mexico’s other states, you’d be wise to start at La Ciudadela Market.

fashion in mexico
Browse the delightful goods or relax in the courtyard at  Casa T’HŌ. (Photo: Verónica Gloria)

But if it’s contemporary designers you’re into, look no further than Carla Fernández, whose ethically made clothing and homewares are heavily influenced by indigenous communities’ style and techniques. Her boutiques can be found in the trendy Roma Norte and Juárez areas, as well as downtown.

Accessories lovers would do well checking out the trendy pop-up markets that have gained a foothold in the city. A standout among these is Tráfico Bazar, which sets up its stalls about once a month inside the imposing Centro Gallego building. Find out exact dates by following them on social media.

mexico fashion and design
Designer Mercedes Salazar browsing flowers at a market in Mexico City. (Photo: Marriott International)

The brands present at the Bazar vary from month to month, but if you see Marcela Lira’s stall, be sure to pay it a visit. Originally from Guadalajara, Marcela began making jewelry after spotting a goldsmith shop with a sign that read “Learn to make a ring in a day.” Her silver and gold-plated rings and necklaces are crowned with opals and agate druses. They are produced in Guadalajara and can also be purchased online.

Footwear fans from around the globe are familiar with leather crisscrossed huarache sandals. Trendy everywhere from Tulum to Tokyo, the pastel and brightly colored shoes hail from Mexico. Rasgos makes contemporary versions that are also sold at Tráfico Bazar and online, or you can pick up an artisanal pair at La Ciudadela.

Los Cabos

This beach destination may be better known for its art galleries — particularly around San José del Cabo and the nearby town of Todos Santos — than for a particular style of regional clothing, but it’s an ideal place to shop for resort wear for balmy nights.

Pepita’s Magic of the Moon sells handmade, locally designed clothing that self-describes as whimsical, bohemian and hippie-chic. Its owner, Pepita Nelson, hand picks clothes for her customers, offering a level of personal attention seldom found elsewhere.

Another good option is Nomad Chic, located in the artsy Todos Santos. Linda Hamilton, the founder, carefully curates her collection of clothing, jewelry and homewares and stocks unique pieces from designers from around the world.

Being a beach town, this is also a great place to purchase a new swimsuit. Zingara, a Mexican swimwear line, has a wide selection of bikinis and one-piece suits, as well as dresses, tunics and hats.

The Yucatán Peninsula

fashion in mexico
Locals and visitors find Casa T’HŌ to be a favorite. (Photos: Verónica Gloria)

While this vast, three-state area became famous as the home of Cancún and the Riviera Maya, these days it’s impossible to refer to it without thinking of Mérida — a colonial city with historic haciendas that’s quickly earning a reputation as a style hot spot.

Mérida’s warm weather dictates its fashion choices: traditional guayabera shirts for men, light cotton or linen dresses for women. Panama hats can be found everywhere, and should probably be worn by all on account of the punishing sun. Lagalá, above the pastel-hued restaurant Te Extraño, Extraño, sells them in more modern and colorful versions.

Many of the city’s best shops are found behind the crumbling facades of stately buildings. Fundación de Artistas is a collective where you can buy colorful rebozos —traditional shawls like the ones worn by Frida Kahlo — and opulent hammocks to dress your home.

Along the famous Paseo de Montejo, you’ll come across Casa T’HŌ, a grand 19th-century space with an inner courtyard, a restaurant and nine boutiques, including one by Carla Fernández.

Mercedes Salazar x The Luxury Collection

Travelers who love wearing statement pieces will fall in love with Mercedes Salazar’s jewelry. Originally from Colombia, the designer has strong Mexican influences on account of studying jewelry design in Mexico 15 years ago.

Inspired by her more recent travels in Mexico, her handmade earrings are embellished with striking tassels, colorful cacti and parrots and are part of a new limited-edition line created in collaboration with The Luxury Collection. Mercedes gained inspiration while staying at Solaz Resort in Los Cabos; Hacienda Temozonin the Yucatan; and Las Alcobas in Mexico City. Her pieces can be exclusively found on The Luxury Collection Store and on her own website.