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This is What Happened When Scooter Magruder Went to Santa Clara

Santa Clara, Calif. hosted one of the biggest sports events in America on February 7, 2016, attracting thousands of football fans to the quaint city of just over 100,000 residents, possibly doubling is population.

So we sent YouTube vlogger and sports fan extraordinaire Scooter Magruder to explore this historic northern California locale. Needless to say, he was more than happy to oblige.

Here are five things that Scooter did on his big adventure:

  1. Checked out the de Saisset Museum. This is home to a collection of art and artifacts that feature Santa Clara’s Native American and Spanish Colonial heritage.
  2. Stood next to Our Lady of Peace. It’s an awesome 32-foot, 7,200-pound stainless steel statue of the Virgin Mary.
  3. Ate his way through Santa Clara. He stopped at Stan’s Donut Shop, the Fractured Prune and the Santa Clara Farmers’ Market. He seemed to be most impressed by the donut scene, which he’ll wax poetic about in a later post.
  4. Geeked out at the Intel Museum. This museum documents all the things a little silicon chip can do and Scooter has his own way of documenting the experience in a future blog post.
  5. Got lapped by his sister on Santa Clara’s K1 racetrack. He’ll try to explain his way out of that in a future post, too, but know that this is the go-to go kart racetrack to hit in Santa Clara.

Not a bad way to spend a few days, Scooter.

Watch the video below as Marriott Traveler unleashed Scooter on Santa Clara.

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