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What Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Needs When He Travels

If there’s one thing Pete Wentz always has handy while hitting the road with rock band Fall Out Boy, it’s wet wipes. “You can literally take a shower with wet wipes if you need to.”

Marriott Rewards and Vevo caught up with the musician in New York City for the newest installment of “What’s In My Room,” a series in which musicians reveal what they travel with and offer up their best tips on how to explore the world.

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The one thing Wentz, 36, can’t live without is his cell phone.

“It’s basically my connection to everybody in the world,” he says.

That includes his family, which includes sons Bronx , 7, and 18-month-old Saint. Being a dad has forced Wentz to learn how to balance being a rock star and a family man.

“The kids force the balance to happen so it’s like when I come home you’re in whatever situation it is,” he says. “Before, it was like I’m jet-lagged and I’ll sleep for three days and eat Taco Bell. What a surreal life this is at this point.”

Other must-haves when traveling include instruments, of course, “because that’s how we communicate as a band,” Wentz says.

During any downtime, “something I’m obsessed with and have had forever is my GameBoy,” Wentz says. “It’s an original GameBoy and it still works.” It also has been decorated by his younger brother with Pokemon stickers.

When Wentz wants to releax, “there’s nothing like a good book,” he says. “Reading’s an awesome way to clear your head and you can do it just about anywhere.”

In NYC, he was reading Chuck Wendig’s “Star Wars: Aftermath.” The hardback version. Impressive in today’s digital world, Wentz is.

Not too surprising, though, since Wentz is a huge pop culture fan—especially “Star Wars,” which he’s obsessed with.

“I grew up in the ’80s and I’m into all the nostalgia because the toys were crazy then,” he says.

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For a quick snack, a reliable go to is turkey jerky.

“Basically, it never goes bad and you can eat it all the time,” Wentz says.

Wentz must also always remain caffeinated for those early morning radio interviews.

“I need (coffee) all the time,” he says.

For those long flights overseas to cities like Tokyo, Wentz has a trick for battling jet lag.

“The only way I can beat jet lag is to fight my way through it” by “going out and doing stuff and experiencing the culture” of the city he’s in, Wentz says. “The more I do that the more in tune with it all I feel.”