dallas leather cowboy boots


Like Butter: Where to Find the Best Leather in Dallas

Dallas leather is smooth like butter. Test the metaphor in a new pair of cowboy boots.(Photo: Francoise de Valera / Alamy Stock Photo)

Like to lace your crib in leather? How about your feet? There’s probably no better place to find a good leather staple than in Dallas. Whether you’re interested in getting a new leather sofa, or itching for a new pair of cowboy boots, we know just the Dallas leather shops you need to check out.

Find the Perfect Leather Couch

Quality. That’s what the owners of the Leather Sofa Company pride themselves on, from when you’re picking leather swatches to the day your leather furniture is delivered to your door. Dallas natives put into their leather, so you can’t go wrong with getting that home décor statement piece here. A beautiful leather couch is an investment, so you make sure you pick well before you put down the cash.

Pick Up the Perfect Leather Accessories

You’re in Dallas and you need boots. Not just any pair of boots, but an awesome pair of cowboy boots, with all the right stitching in all the right places. When you step into Wild Bill’s Western Store, you know that each pair of boots are hand-made, from the sole to each stitch.

Reasonable prices for genuine cowboy gear? We call that a steal. Before you leave with your new boots, make sure to check out their accessories, too! With their beautifully crafted leather bracelets to turquoise rings, you’re going to find it hard to leave the store.

Slip on Unique Cowboy Boots

Interested in a round toe? Square toe? Snip toe or pointed toe? What about the skin of your cowboy boots from Dallas, ostrich strike your fancy? How about lizard? Variety is the name of the game at Bronco Western Wear; with this many options, your boots are bound to be the most unique pair on whatever ranch you step foot on.