LoHi District

Before you hop on a B-Cycle and bike Cherry Creek Trail, take a moment to enjoy the city skyline view. (Photo: Valerie Conners)


Scenic Hikes and Tasty Bites: Get to Know Denver’s LoHi District

As the largest city in a state known for its world-class skiing, hiking, and climbing—amongst many other mountain sports—it should come as no surprise that Denver, Colorado, plays home to a youthful, exuberant crowd.

It’s true that the Mile-High City is chock-full of runners and even the occasional recumbent biker, but perhaps a bit under the radar is Denver’s up-and-coming restaurant scene. A secret not so well kept is its craft beer, which is second-to-none.

Denver’s Lower Highland (LoHi) district offers up the city’s best in all three categories—and beyond.

Trail Time

Time to work off that breakfast and bubbly with a cruise down Denver’s popular Cherry Creek Trail. Hop on wheels using Denver’s bike-share program via Lyft and Lime.

Just outside of REI, ride south along the (you guessed it) Cherry Creek, which will lead you to the Cherry Creek Mall and eventually the Cherry Creek Reservoir—but we’ll head back to LoHi before reaching either, as we have far more city to explore!

Wilderness Exchange

Although hidden in the shadows of the much larger REI just down the street, Wilderness Exchange offers enough killer consignment deals to justify a regular stop inside.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly; if they don’t carry what your upcoming adventure calls for, they are happy to point you in the right direction (no compass purchase required).

Queensberry Coffee

For a mid-afternoon pick me up, make a stop at Queensberry Coffee shop. What this place lacks in size, it makes up for in charm, with reclaimed wood decor, throwback neon signs, and ample light pouring through the large garage-door opening.

Grab a smooth-tasting pour-over coffee, cappuccino, or espresso—and don’t forget the scone! Then meander over to Confluence Park, where gold was first discovered in Denver back in 1858.

Today, the park makes for some of the city’s best people watching, complete with organized ultimate frisbee games, joggers, and several dogs.


Sample appetizers alongside breathtaking views of downtown at Linger. Although the menu varies depending on season, menu staples include the bacon-wrapped dates and duck buns, both of which result in involuntary food-induced moaning.

Luckily, no one will hear you over the loud ambient crowd noise. (Linger is popular—for good reason.)

Linger Denver
Don’t fear dinner at the former mortuary. (Photo: Valerie Conners)

Lulu’s Furniture and Decor

The tagline “More than a furniture store…a store of ideas”is a fitting description for Lulu’s. Whether you’re looking to furnish your home or just interested in picking up a quirky gift, this funky, picturesque shop has something for everyone.

From cheese platters to chandeliers, tapestries to tables, Lulu’s is worth the trip, if for no other reason than to absorb the creative energy.

Forest Room 5

Don’t be fooled by the ordinary appearance of Forest Room 5 from the outside; what lies within is a mix of log cabin, Alice in Wonderland dreamland, and Portlandia. This bar has character like a dying star has mass.

After sitting down on the tree-stump bar stool, you look up and notice the black and white avant garde flick projected on the wall behind the counter, underneath the enormous selection of artisan liquors, surrounded again by more random-yet-thought-provoking decor.

This is merely the main room of the bar, which is easily the most ordinary part of this establishment. There’s plenty of character for you to uncover in the back patio, upstairs, downstairs—and even the bathrooms. Grab a cocktail, some truffle fries (nom nom!), and commence the world’s greatest game of eye spy.

Little Man Ice Cream

When you arrive at Little Man, you will be greeted by a sizable line. Don’t be dissuaded; this ice cream is worth the wait.

Pro tip: Try the salted Oreo (you’ll be kicking yourself for eating cookies n’cream sans sodium all these years) and convince someone in your party to order the Mexican chocolate. You will not be disappointed (though you may be a tad full).

This article was published through a partnership with Zipcar’s online magazine Ziptopia.