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9 Unique Ways Foodies Travel

If you love to travel for food, chances are you’re likely booking your next trip to Europe.

Travelers declare Rome the top destination of choice for a gourmet meal, followed by Tokyo and New York City, according to a new Global Travel Tracker survey conducted by Marriott Rewards, SPG and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards to get to know travelers on a more personal level.

When it comes to following your stomach in the U.S., 27% of Americans believe all regions have something delicious to offer, but 22% would head to the South for the most crave-worthy week-long food festival.

Rome may win out overall among foodies with 16% of the vote (Tokyo came in at 12%, while NYC was close behind with 11%), but Paris was the top choice by far among Europeans.

The City of Light has the best food on the continent, Europeans say, generating 32% of the vote, with Rome trailing far behind at 17%.

Street food also stood out on the survey, with Nan bread from India declared the most popular at 24%, followed by red bean cakes from Japan (12%).

How Adventurous Are You?

Our fellow travelers turn out to be an adventurous bunch.

When it comes to trying new foods, 27% of leisure travelers say that they have tried escargot or reptiles, including frog legs, turtle soup and alligator.

It turns out residents living in Mexico City aren’t picky eaters. They will eat pretty much anything, beating other travelers when eating bugs (56%), animal brains (30%), animal eyeballs (10%), animal testicles (15%) and worms (40%).

In China, more than one in five residents of Shanghai (28%) have partaken in snakes and (19%) have tried live octopus.

Stateside, Miami residents are the most likely to have tried reptiles (42%) while Dubai residents are the most adventurous when it comes to sampling puffin (16%). We’ll pass.

And among the sexes, men tend to be a bit more adventurous, as a whole, with 45% of women rejecting creepy crawlies and the downright squishy local specialties outright, while only 33% of men have not tried anything on the adventurous side.

The global travel survey was conducted online, with more than 6,600 leisure travelers in 14 international cities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia participating.