pizza and beer

These restaurants serve up divine slices alongside the best local brews. (Photo: Getty)

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You Finally Got a Piece of the Pie? Now Sip a Cold Local Brew with That Pizza

Pizza Day? Isn’t every day pizza day? Well, yes and no. While there’s no day that isn’t made better with the addition of pizza, America’s unofficially official capital-letter Pizza Day comes but once a year.

That means pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. OK, maybe not all three. (Yes! All three.) But for that pizza dinner, try washing it down with a good local brew. Or if you have the day off, with breakfast, too — perhaps with a milk stout — we won’t judge.

Good to go? Head to any of the following spots for pizza and beer that will turn the day into one of your favorite celebrations of the year.

pizza and beer
Thin crusts are a favorite across much of the U.S. (Photo: Getty)

Coals, Port Chester, New York

While NYC has more than its fair share of delicious pizza stops, one of the area’s best pizza and brew combo spots sits just 30 miles north of the city. Head to Port Chester for one (or more) of Coals’ hand-stretched and wood oven–grilled pizzas. If you’re in any way fond of mushrooms, order the “rustic.”

The beer selection changes frequently, but there’s a good chance you’ll get to try a brew made in Queens or other NYC locales. While the spot is worth the drive for the pizza alone, it’s best paired with a show at the stunning Capitol Theatre up the street, which pulls in some of rock’s best acts.

Casey’s Pizza, San Francisco

San Fran may not be a famous pizza town, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some fine pies. Like, seriously fine pies. Casey’s is one of the top spots if it’s pizza and beer you’re after.

(Please note: Casey’s serves East Coast–inspired thin-crust pies. The person who made the decision to do so was brilliant. Thin-crust pizza is the best pizza. Period.)

Go full-on SF and order the bacon kale pie. Wash it down from one of a number of locally brewed beers from brewers including Black Sands, BareBottle and HenHouse.

pizza and beer
Chicago, of course, loves its deep dish. (Photo: Getty)

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria, Chicago

A controversial choice for sure, but between the quality of the ingredients and the beer selection, your best bet is to go with thin-slice ‘za, even in the heart of deep-dish country.

Local it up by ordering a Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage Pizza (made, of course, with Hot Doug’s Atomic Sausage) and one of the house-brewed beers. If you want to turn your pizza and beer outing into an event, head to Piece on Saturday nights for the weekly live-band karaoke.

Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria, Bellevue, Washington

Possibly one of the most generous breweries around, Resonate doesn’t just serve up its own beers to go with its pizzas, it also stocks plenty of other local brewers’ tasty wares.

The “morning glory” pie truly makes pizza and all-day affair, thanks to eggs added in with the mozz, olive oil, arugula and prosciutto. Feeling really hungry? Kick off the meal with an appetizer of the house-made meatballs. They also, of course, go well with beer. Ciao!