Eclectic vegetarian fare awaits at Bounty Beets in Dubai. (Photo: Marriott International)

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From Dubai to Berlin, 7 Spots with Thriving Vegetarian and Vegan Food Scenes

Sticking to a plant-based diet does a body good — research continues to support the diet’s positive impacts on your health, from increased longevity to better heart health. Whether you’re trying to limit your consumption of animal products or are a dedicated vegan, the options for vegetarian and vegan cuisine around the globe are superb.

From clever spins on classic staples to bold, innovative creations, these seven places are making plant-based dining an absolute pleasure.

As always, check for travel restrictions and closures before planning your trip.


Even in a city with no shortage of superlative vegetarian and vegan options, Bounty Beets in Dubai stands out for its utterly delicious fare and holistic approach to dining.

From the Jack Sparrow sandwich (a savory bun stuffed with pulled jackfruit and vegan slaw) to toothsome sweet potato gnocchi with kale, sun-dried tomato sauce and vegan cheese, there are plenty of meat-free and dairy-free options from which to choose.

Classics like avocado toast get a contemporary Middle Eastern twist — think dukkah (a nut and spice blend), grilled asparagus, garlicky mushrooms and a balsamic reduction — and the salads here are substantial enough to qualify as wholesome main dishes.

As a bonus, the menu also offers a number of healthy dishes for pescatarians and flexitarians, including a poke bowl with tuna marinated in honey and soya. Be sure to sample some of the biodynamic wines and organic cocktails featuring seasonal produce.


veggie burger
London is a happy haven for vegetarians. (Photo: Getty Images)

While old-school British pub food relied heavily on animal products, these days, fashionable Londoners are just as likely to opt for a meatless menu.

With its indulgent dishes and potent libations, Farmacy is the sort of place that can appeal to even the staunchest of carnivores. Camilla Fayed’s restaurant focuses on hearty classics, like a mushroom, walnut and beet burger and roasted portobello tacos with pickled shallots and chipotle adobo.

If you’re craving something casual, London’t vegan and vegetarian street food options are also outstanding. For a veritable feast at your fingertips, pop into some of the city’s markets, like central London’s Borough Market, Broadway Market in Hackney and historic Greenwich Market.

Tel Aviv

Dip into hummus. (Photo: Getty Images)

Vegans and vegetarians are spoiled for choice in this sun-drenched Mediterranean city where the plant-based cuisine is both delicious and abundant.

While there are plenty of exceptional vegan eateries in Tel Aviv, including the renowned Cafe Anastasia, Israel’s favorite culinary staple of hummus also happens to be meatless. Order up a sublimely creamy bowl of hummus with piping-hot pita bread at Garger Hazahav, an on-trend stand in Levinsky Market.

Traditional meze, a selection of smaller dishes similar to tapas, also tend to be plant-based and veggie forward, including baba ganouj, mashed eggplant mixed with seasonings; muhammara, a hot pepper dip with walnuts, breadcrumbs, lemon juice and spices, as well as tabbouleh, a mix of bulgur, chopped parsley, tomato, scallion, lemon juice and spices.

Try veggie-forward plates at Herbert Samuel in The Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya, like Jerusalem artichoke and chestnut soup, smoked eggplants tahini and “not cheese,” made from almonds and apples.


fruit stand on beach
Fresh fruits and veggies await in Mauritius. (Photo: Getty Images)

The plant-based dining on this island in the Indian Ocean is as vibrant and sunny as its beaches. Thanks to a confluence of cultures that have passed through these ports, Mauritius draws on a number of gastronomic traditions.

Eat With Fingers Restaurant is the perfect place to fuel up on satisfying vegan fare, like a masala burger topped with mango chutney and avocado or a cauliflower chickpea curry in a rich peanut gravy.


The New Nordic philosophy of cuisine championed by Denmark’s own René Redzepi has long advocated for locally farmed and foraged ingredients. Though it may not be exclusively plant-based, it is certainly plant-forward, a fact reflected by many of the trendiest restaurants in Copenhagen, the Danish capital.

For fine dining, it’s hard to beat VeVe, which features sophisticated vegetarian tasting menus with dishes like grilled asparagus flan with miso, smoked mushrooms with morel sauce and flambéed celery truffle.


pita pocket
Eat fresh in Berlin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Germany may have a reputation for serving up hearty platters of pork knuckles and bratwurst, but nowadays the cosmopolitan capital is also a paradise for veggie lovers.

Most every currywurst stall serves soy sausages, and the abundance of falafel means an affordable meatless meal is never far away.

For those craving more elevated cuisine, Lucky Leek serves three-, four- and five-course vegetarian tasting menus starring dishes like crispy oyster mushroom schnitzel on top of a silky cauliflower puree with tomato-tinged hollandaise.

Turin, Italy

There was a time when the city’s then-mayor announced that she intended to turn Turin into Italy’s first vegetarian city. While there’s still plenty of prosciutto around these parts, there’s also a wealth of excellent plant-forward menus.

One of the first spots to open back in 1994 and still one of the very best is Mezzaluna, an organic, vegan restaurant that strictly adheres to the principles of the slow food movement.

Menus here might include Piedmontese agnolotti stuffed with savory cashew cheese, soy ricotta and spinach or a luscious vegan carbonara made with smoked tofu, soy cream and turmeric emulsion.