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Tuck into a cheesy pie and some local brews at Monk’s House of Ale Repute. (Photo: Courtesy of Monk’s House of Ale Repute)

Eat + Drink

It Came from Sioux Falls: How to Eat Like a Local

While the comfort of the familiar has its place, it’s not always ideal during meals or drinks. After all, what better way to get a hearty dose of local flavor than at a farm-to-table restaurant, long-time favorite of residents or, and this one can’t be emphasized enough, at a local microbrewery? So get ready to dig into the flavors of Sioux Falls. You’ll be talking up these spots for months to come.

Eat Up

sioux falls food
There’s no counting calories at Bread & Circus – the food is far too tasty. (Photo Courtesy of Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen)

The locally grown owners of Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen, Barry Putzke and Jordan Taylor, returned to Sioux Falls from a long stint in Portland to open this oh-so-hip meal spot with dishes relying on as much local produce and meats as possible. Some of their sandwich specialties include porkstrami (that’s pork belly prepped with pastrami flair) and (yes, please!) Vietnamese fried chicken with banh mi pickles on a potato bun.

During the six years its been in business, M.B. Haskett Delicatessen has become the go-to spot for Sioux Falls residents who want to know exactly where their food comes from. The restaurant’s owner continues to beef up the list of goodies sourced close to home. In a recent interview with SiouxFalls.Business, the owner said they’ve even been making their own sausage from locally raised pork.

If you get a cup (or four) of coffee while at M.B. Haskett, you’ll also be going local. The restaurant serves its made-for-the-restaurant blend from local roaster The Breaks. If you fall in love with the coffee and want some for home, it’s available. While you’re at it, snag some of The Breaks’ other blends, too. The Absolute Blend will make you happy. Absolutely happy, that is.

Now located in its new old home (or is that an old new home?) in a building that used to be an automotive shop, Josiah’s Coffeehouse, Cafe & Bakery has been serving up devastatingly delicious baked goods since 2012. But its the eggs, which come from nearby chickens, that often get people talking.

Quench Your Thirst

sioux falls food
Quench your thirst with a Fernson. (Photo: Courtesy of Fernson Brewing Co.)

What’s a Fernson? Well, now. It’s the mashup name of Derek Fernholz and Blake Thompson, the cofounders of the much-loved Fernson Brewing Co. From an always-available saison to an of-the-moment nitro porter or crave-worthy cider, there’s something for every taste. The family-friendly brew room has local brewer August Schell Brewing Company’s 1919 Draft Root Beer on tap, too. While here, order a Dot’s Pretzel to go with any or all of the Fernson brews.

The guys at Remedy Brewing Co. have as much talent for naming their beers as they do for brewing them. Get in a glass of Hefe-Metal, or for those who want something more soothing in a beer-meets-chocolate-milk concoction, order up a Nitro Cow Tippah. Or a glass of Kickball. Or Lord of the Dance. Well, you get it. The place is fun.

There’s more good stuff ahead at Woodgrain Brewing Co., where necessity is decidedly not the mother of invention. At Woodgrain, figuring out the next new awesome flavor combo is what drives their beer development. You want an example? OK. The English breakfast stout? The brewers aged it “on maple syrup and coffee beans.” Oh, my.

Don’t have time for a tour d’breweries? Keep calm and head to Monks House of Ale Repute. (Awesome name, right?) There you can taste loads of local brews and, of course, some of Monks brewed-in-the-building goodies from its Gandy Dancer Brew Works line of beers.