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Good Drinks Don’t Need a Name at Granger & Co. in London

Granger & Co., one of the best restaurants in London, serves some of the best cocktails and they don’t need a name. (Photo: Steve Booker)

After launching his first eatery in 1993 in Sydney, Bill Granger has gone on to establish himself as one of the world’s most charismatic and leading figures in food and drink.

He boasts restaurants in Sydney, Tokyo, Honolulu, Seoul and London, where he has Granger & Co. While he has locations in Notting Hill and Clerkenwel, we sampled the cocktails at the King’s Cross outpost.

It feels like everyone is talking about Kings Cross currently undergoing a huge transformation and it seems set to be a leader in culture and class for London in the next few years. If that is true, Granger & Co. will no doubt be there with it.

New Restaurant Hub

Long considered nothing more than a way station between destinations, Kings Cross is home to a growing bar, lunch and restaurant scene that is attracting patrons of all shapes and sizes from across the city.

From brasseries and outside eateries, like Skip Garden Kitchen, which offer a relaxed rustic feel, to Vinoteca, which is a great spot for impressing clients or a date, to Dishoom, which is quickly becoming one of the most famous, and tough to get into, restaurant chains in London, there truly is something for everyone regardless of budget and food preference.

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The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, and it is obvious the amount of thought and work that goes into both their drinks and food. The menu is simple but delicious designed to provide small dishes, or pizzetas, which can be shared over a cocktail or three. The restaurant has taken inspiration from it’s surrounding and the growing creative culture by injecting a level of class and glamor but also drawing inspiration from traditional Italian styling and a relaxed atmosphere.

Bill’s Bloody Mary (Photo: Steve Booker)

The cocktails are presented in a simplistic style, which fits the mood and tone of the restaurant. They are, however, perfectly balanced. Bill’s Bloody Mary was a particular stand out and featured clamato, which is tomato juice flavored with clam broth, wasabi, lime and coriander which offered a unique spin on a classic drink.

Nameless Cocktails

An interesting choice for many of the cocktails is to not include a name, and instead allow the flavors to do the talking for themselves. Amongst the nameless drinks was another stand out featuring rose infused gin, lemon verbena, which reminded us of citrus crossed with basil, cucumber and celery. Refreshing with a hint of sourness, this is a great summertime drink.

Considering the quality of the drinks and relaxed setting the bill presented to us was more than reasonable not just for the area, but in comparison to similar eateries across the capital.

Cocktails were less than £10, which is a rare find anywhere in London, and considering how well made the drinks were we would have expected them to fall around the £12 or £13 mark.

Overall it is a great spot that merges a relaxed atmosphere with beautiful décor and a wonderful experience. Definitely a recommend!

The Place: Bill Granger’s Granger & Co.
Stanley Building | 7 Pancras Square | London N1C 4AG | +44 20 3058 2567
Twitter: Grangerandco | Instagram: Bill Granger

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