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What You Have to Eat in Santa Clara, Especially if You Only Eat Donuts

Scooter Magruder at Stan’s Donut Shop in Santa Clara, Calif. His facial expression is his review. (Photo: Courtesy Scooter Magruder)

Food, food, and more food. This accurately describes a fair share of my trip to Santa Clara, Calif. I may have gained five pounds by eating donuts alone…not even kidding.

Donuts are a huge thing in Santa Clara. And I mean huge. I was lucky enough to be able to devour donuts from two of the city’s major players.

First up was Stan’s Donut Shop on Homestead Road. The first time I went to Stan’s there were only five donuts available for purchase. Yes. Five. Apparently, you have to get there early or else.

I came back the next day and ordered their signature glazed donut. It was a thorough enjoyment for each and every one of my taste buds. That may be an understatement. I ordered three more. I ate all of them.

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Stan’s is very much a mom-and-pop shop. Founded by whom? You guessed it, a guy named Stan. You can see the bakers making the donuts from start to finish and the end result is phenomenal.

bacon bomb at fractured prune
The Bacon Bomb at Fractured Prune in Santa Clara, Calif. (Photo: Courtesy Scooter Magruder)

Next, we have Fractured Prune located on El Camino Real, a completely different experience entirely.

Fractured Prune is a franchise and the process of ordering donuts is automated. You can add custom toppings or choose from a wide selection of “favorites.” Referred to as the “Chipotle of Donuts,” Fractured Prune offers a refreshing take on donuts and the taste is utterly sensational. The donut I ordered was the Bacon Bomb, topped with maple glaze, cinnamon sugar and bacon. It tasted like a hybrid between a donut and heaven.

Not only were the donuts on point at Fractured Prune, but the owners of this store were genuinely good people; they even offered me a free dozen! Definitely stop by Fractured Prune if you’re ever in Santa Clara.

Korean dishes at Chungdam Santa Clara
Korean dishes at Chungdam in Santa Clara, Calf. (Photo: Courtesy Scooter Magruder)

Donuts aren’t the only food I indulged in on my trip. I also visited Chungdam on El Camino Real to experience some authentic Korean food. Asians represent the largest ethnic group in Santa Clara around 37 percent. My sister, who accompanied me on the trip, did all the ordering because I had no clue what I was doing with my life since it was my first time eating Korean food.

The meal began with these tiny appetizers, which were unlimited. I ordered the Dak Bulgogi, a seasoned boneless barbecue chicken, while my sister ordered the Pork Bulgogi. Both tasted amazing and while I don’t have anything to compare the experience to, I enjoyed the food immensely!

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