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Trainers Kaisa Keranen and Ron “Boss” Everline Have a Mission For You: Just Move

You have no excuses for not exercising when you talk to Kaisa Keranen and Ron “Boss” Everline. The fitness trainers are on a mission to get you to move—and you don’t need to join an expensive gym or spend hours in one to do it.

Their mission statement is pretty simple and embraceable by all: “You define your fitness based on what you like to do,” says Everline, who trains Hollywood celebs like Kevin Hart. “We just want you to move.”

Keranen, who is based in Seattle, and Everline, have pursued their passion of fitness through a friendship over the past three years. For them, “just move” is a state of mind.

“We both started with the idea of trying to help as many people as we possibly could,” Everline says. “That then evolved into a relationship between us. We created a really unique partnership with the goal being to just get people moving in the most minimum way and challenge people to be their best self, no matter what they’re doing, every day.”

You define your fitness based on what you like to do

Ron Boss Everline

The duo’s idea of movement as it relates to fitness isn’t typical, and they think movement can happen any and everywhere.

“We just want to have fun,” says Everline, who together with Keranen motivate more than 1 million people across their social media channels every day.

It’s not difficult to see why people look to these two fitness experts for their daily motivation—their energy is infectious and their ethos even more so.

They share videos on their Instagram feeds of themselves working out just about everywhere. Have a broom and want to break a sweat while you clean your house? There’s a workout for that.

“If you can incorporate 5-10 minutes of movement into your day, you’re far better off than not having moved at all,” Keranen says. “So, that’s our whole goal: keep it simple, and just get out there and get moving.”

Fitness Trainers Kaisa Keranen and Ron "Boss" Everline hit the beach.
Kaisa Keranen and Ron “Boss” Everline hit the beach in Santa Monica. (Photo: Michael Hess)
Santa Monica Stairs
The Santa Monica Stairs provide a free alternative to the gym in Los Angeles for anyone looking to do a workout outside in Los Angeles. (Photo: Michael Hess)

Having fun is what Marriott TRAVELER has found is a trend among many of the athletes it’s featured as part of its Fit Traveler column.

To see just how fun Keranen and Everline are to work out with, Residence Inn and Marriott TRAVELER spent the day in Santa Monica, Calif. with the two. Again, not in a gym, but outside, where there’s plenty of places to work up a sweat.

How did you two start working and working out together?

It's not about the way we may look or what we may say, it's all about what your idea of fitness is.

Ron Boss Everline

Everline: The initial conversations were about where the industry was headed and what our impact would be. Kaisa and I both love the industry, but we also see how aesthetically focused it has become. We just want people to understand how they feel, and that if they move a little bit more they’ll feel a little bit better and by moving a little bit more they’ll lose a little bit more weight.

When we linked up and realized that our visions were so similar, we liked each other and we communicated well, the relationship just made sense. We’ve been able to build this unique, very unforced relationship that has created the dynamic for us to sit here right now and share our story and tell the world what we ultimately want to do which is to just move.

It’s not about the way we may look or what we may say, it’s all about what your idea of fitness is, and that your fitness is defined by your definition of fitness, not ours. Just like to go for walks with your kids? That’s movement.

Keranen: We both started movement as athletes. That’s why we share the same perspective of movement as a way to express ourselves and take care of our bodies. We never started moving just to change the way we look. Boss’s whole thing has always been ‘just train’ and my whole thing has always been ‘just move’ and so we’ve come together perfectly to try to help people understand that movement is really just about taking care of your body.

When you head to a new destination is there a workout you have in your back pocket that you know you’ll be able to do from anywhere?

Keranen: Generally, when I land in a new place, I’ll head to the hotel room and do a stretching and mobilizing workout. I’ll typically start with that because sitting on a plane isn’t the best thing for your body. In all reality, you don’t need anything other than your body to get in a good workout. So, really it’s limitless in terms of what you can do anywhere at anytime.

Everline: It’s almost the same for me. When I head to a new city I’ll get out and go for a two-mile run to see what’s around and explore a bit. Once you’re out there you just have to use your creative mind. If you’ve decided to move then you’re already a step in the right direction.

Santa Monica Pier
You can grab a quick workout anywhere, including the beach in Santa Monica, just steps from the city’s popular pier. (Photo: Michael Hess)
Kaisa Keranen and Ron "Boss" Everline
Kaisa Keranen and Ron “Boss” Everline can make use of just about anything to get in a workout. (Photo: Michael Hess)

What’s the first thing you do when you drop off your bags at a hotel?

Keranen: Find food!

Everline: You have to find food, but because we travel so much we often have to hit the ground running. So, you need to be able to compromise. We’ll sometimes need to head straight to the gym depending on the type of work or the client, but when I can I do always try to find food also.

Let's say you go out to dinner and want to enjoy yourself. That doesn't mean the rest of the meals on your trip go to crap!

Kaisa Keranen

What are your go-to food options when on the road?

Everline: True Food Kitchen. They serve locally sourced food from local farmers, so the food may taste different from week to week. I just love that idea.

Keranan: I honestly head to the grocery store to make sure I’ve stocked up on snacks. The thing for me, especially while traveling, is as long as I take care of myself throughout the day and keep myself from getting hungry, I’m good. If I get hungry I’ll grab anything, so, I just want to make sure that I’m not starving while I’m doing all the things I need to do while traveling. I go to the grocery store, grab my snacks and then hit it.

Have any tips for cooking while on the road?

Everline: It depends. If you’re staying in an extended-stay property like the Residence Inn, with a refrigerator or a microwave, I think oatmeal is the best to have. The complex carbs are great to jumpstart your morning. It’s also awesome to save on money, too. Oatmeal is one of those great things to get cheaply anywhere. It doesn’t matter too much if you leave it behind, and it allows you to start your day with something substantial and healthy.

Keranen: Another easy thing to do is to make an omelet. You can do eggs a ton of different ways, so often times I’ll mix it up with different types of omelets and incorporate some type of fruit.

What’s your answer to jet lag?

Everline: For me, I just hit it. You just gotta go. I like the excitement of dropping my stuff at the hotel and pushing myself to the limit of going. You’ve got to adapt so I’ll try and get that workout in right a way if I can.

Keranen: I also try not to sleep. It’s definitely important to hydrate. Any time you’re traveling staying hydrated is one of the keys.

As fitness experts you’re carefully calculating your nutrition. How do you resist splurging on a new city’s best bites?

Everline I don’t know if I resist all the time. I enjoy. I think life is about balance. So if you’re traveling and enjoying yourself, and you’re moving, I think that’s fine. Don’t be unrealistic with yourself. You just have to make sure to splurge in moderation and have fun. It’s simple: move more, eat less. It’s like, if you have that ice cream, just move a little more!

Keranen: Let’s say you go out to dinner and want to enjoy yourself. That doesn’t mean the rest of the meals on your trip go to crap! It’s about making sure you enjoy what you want to but still wake up in the morning and eat well throughout the day. You want to set yourself up for success. Fueling my body throughout the day helps me make the best choices when it comes to food.

Tell us more about #justmove.

Keranen: Our hashtag together is #justmovechallenge. Our entire thing is about getting people to move, and a component of that is adding challenges and making movement fun. It started off with Boss and I playing around, challenging each other to movements in small places. It started with that, and then it was these “move anywhere, anytime” challenges. It’s all about performance. Performance in the sense that we’re trying to get you to challenge yourself physically. It has nothing to do with challenging the way that you look. We want to encourage people to explore what their bodies can do.

Everline: It’s been really fun. People see the moves that we do and want to try them. To see so many people come together to try stuff is incredible.

Do you tap into the local community when traveling?

Keranen: Social media really helps with that. If we’re going to go somewhere and we make it a point to say that we’re going, there’re definitely going to be people that reach out that we’ll link up with.

Everline: We definitely do those things, though it’s tough because most of the time when we land there’s an agenda, but we try to show as much support as we can to the local communities of where we’re traveling. It’s not just about our movement, we’ve become inspiration and motivation for people to move more. People like meeting us because we’ve actually motivated them to get up and do more than they’ve been doing, or challenged them to step up their game or have given them more creative ways to move. That’s been the coolest part about all this – the community aspect.

Keranen: When we go places I always like to put the local studios on blast. We’re not coaching local classes that often, so it’s important for people to be encouraged to go to their local places and get more consistent movement, classes or education around movement.

Where are some of the weirdest places you’ve trained?

Everline: I’ve trained on a plane before. I was doing push ups on this eight-hour flight to London in the back. It was so funny some of the people next to me wanted to try, so they started doing it too!

Keranen: I’ve done stuff at the airport. People will look at you kind of like you’re crazy, but they’re thinking ‘I kinda want to try that’. Bodies are made to move, so once you start getting people to move they’re going to want to move more and it’s going to feel more normal to add movement into your day wherever you are.

What’s next for you guys? Where can people find out more info about you?

Everline: We are trying to think about how we can tour together and hit certain cities to work with people that want to move with us. You can also find us on Instagram: @justtrain and @kaisafit.