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Plan a soccer fan’s ideal Frankfurt weekend. (Photo: Eintracht Frankfurt)

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A Soccer Fan’s Guide to Frankfurt: The Ultimate Eintracht Frankfurt Tour

Frankfurt’s soccer roots run deep, thanks largely to Eintracht Frankfurt, a member of the Bundesliga, Germany’s top-tier soccer league.

Take a walk through this city, have a drink and watch a match. After all, according to Eintracht player Gonçalo Paciência, sometimes that’s the best way to get into the spirit of the game: “You should go through the city to feel Frankfurt and the team because the logo [is] everywhere. The atmosphere in the city is incredible.”

His teammate Timothy Chandler agrees: “In and around Frankfurt, almost everyone is a fan of Eintracht.”

Scoring Tickets to a Match

Eintracht’s home stadium, Commerzbank Arena, was formerly known as the Waldstadion, or “forest stadium,” for good reason: It sits in a large green area south of the city.

There are a number of ways to get tickets to Eintracht matches, including on the team’s website, in person at the Commerzbank Arena, or by booking hotel and match ticket packages.

Eintracht Frankfurt often sells out matches in advance, so plan early if you have only one particular match you’d like to attend.

No Tickets? The Stadium Has More to Offer

If you can’t get in on game day, you should still make a field trip to see the stadium. Commerzbank Arena’s Eintracht Frankfurt museum offers regular tours several times a week, allowing fans to see normally off-limits areas, like the dressing rooms and press rooms, and hear stories about the team’s greatest successes.

In the museum, fans can explore a permanent exhibition detailing 120 years of team history through trophies, plaques, videos and photos. The museum also offers a number of specialized tours, including a nighttime tour that ends with a view of the city skyline and a glass of sparkling wine.

Keep in mind that tours only take place when the stadium isn’t otherwise booked, either for a soccer game or for frequent rock concerts.

There are several Eintracht fan shops in Frankfurt where you can buy jerseys, backpacks and plenty of memorabilia emblazoned with the team logo, but the biggest array is at Commerzbank Arena, so stop by and pick up some souvenirs before you go.

Connect with Other Fussball Fans in Frankfurt

If you find yourself in town on game day but can’t score tickets, you can still have a great time with fellow fans at countless bars and clubhouses around town.

Germans really know how to celebrate their soccer heroes, and Frankfurt is no exception. In fact, there are so many official fan clubs dedicated to Eintracht, they have their own Fanclubverband or “fan club union”: just another testament to how far Frankfurters will go for love of their team.

If you’d prefer to watch the match from your hotel, grab an ice-cold drink at Champions Sports Bar in the Frankfurt Marriott Hotel. Settle into a table and order a burger from the American-style menu while admiring sports memorabilia decking out the walls. After the match, relive its highlights with friends (or fellow patrons!) at the bar’s foosball table.

eintracht frankfurt fc
Watch the game in Champions. (Photo: Marriott International)

While there, take a moment to check out the Eintracht Corner, in Champion’s entryway. The corner will feature rotating exhibits from the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum, as well as photos of team history.

Further afield, just north of the stadium, the Sachsenhausen district is also a great area to get into the soccer spirit. An old-fashioned neighborhood full of pubs selling Frankfurt’s delicacy Apfelwein, or “apple wine,” it’s a great place to take in the city’s enthusiasm for the sport.

“A few hours before the game, you should walk through Sachsenhausen to absorb the atmosphere,” Eintracht’s right back, Chandler, agrees. “Afterwards, just go to the stadium and take [the energy] with you.”

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