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Live in Chicago? 4 Reasons You Need a Vacation

It appears Chicagoans are in dire need of a vacation. They’re exhausted and eager to disconnect from work when traveling.

Chicago came in fifth among U.S. cities when it comes to being able to disconnect and enjoy a vacation, according to a Global Travel Tracker survey found when Marriott RewardsSPG and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards programs wanted to get to know travelers on a more personal level. Surprisingly, Washington, D.C. topped the list at 32% of respondents (versus 28% among Chicagoans).

Elements of the survey focused on the ability to unplug from work, how much rest travelers are looking to get while on a trip, their spontaneity level and how stressed they usually feel when they get back to the office after a vacation.

The results showed that among U.S. travelers, 74% of those from Chicago say that they are in most need of rest while on vacation, followed by Los Angeles (70%); Washington, D.C. (69%); New York City (67%) and Miami (66%).

The type of rest they prefer tips toward napping, rather than taking a run, results found.

The good news is that residents of the Windy City are fine with unplugging when they do end up taking a trip, with 44% able to fully disconnect from work completely. That’s on par with those living in Washington, D.C.

But travelers from Miami are more able than most to disconnect, at 49%, followed by those from New York City and Los Angeles, both at 48%.

Chicagoans also seem pretty easy to travel with. They tend to go with the flow and leave plenty of room for spontaneity.

High Strung New Yorkers

New Yorkers turn out to be the least spontaneous when planning a trip and prefer to have every detail planned.

All that planning doesn’t do much good it seems since New Yorkers also felt the most stressed upon returning back to work from vacation. Not so for those Miamians, who felt less stressed and kept the vacation vibes going.

Among global travelers, our workaholic friends in Tokyo, Munich and London return the most stressed. Travelers from Mexico City are the least stressed by far at 4%, compared to Tokyo’s 35%.

What’s ironic is that Germans from the Bavarian city are able to disconnect the most from work while on vacation at a whopping 60%. We’re jealous. Those from Mumbai and Dubai disconnect the least.

How they travel may be a factor.

Travelers from Mumbai are most likely to have to bunk up with a colleague while traveling for business, at 38%, while those from Tokyo are the least, at 10%.

The global travel survey was conducted online, with more than 6,600 leisure travelers in 14 international cities across North America, South America, Europe and Asia participating.

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