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Mud Wraps and Hot Stones: Most Blissful Spa Treatments in Orlando

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Indulgence is one of the best parts of travel, and there’s no better place to treat yourself than a day spa. These soothing treatments will surely dissipate the stress of that flight delay or day at the theme park.

Hot River Stone Massage at The Spa

Hot stone massages are popular for a reason — they leave recipients in a state of satisfied relaxation. At The Spa in the College Park neighborhood, you can try the Hot River Stone Massage: Heated river rocks will be strategically placed on your back to increase circulation and loosen muscles, which helps the therapist work his or her magic with their hands. Because the heat on your back helps muscles unwind that much faster, you’ll get that much more out of the massage, be it pain alleviation or just a deeper state of Zen.

The details: A 60-minute hot stone massage is $99. A 75-minute massage costs $125.

Seaweed Leaf Pedicure at the Woodhouse Day Spa

It’s time to give your feet some pampering with a Signature Seaweed Leaf Pedicure — 80 minutes of pure bliss offered at the Woodhouse Day Spa right off Sand Lake Road near I-Drive. The treatment starts with a sea-salt exfoliation of your calves and feet, followed by a warm volcanic-stone massage from heel to knee. Next up is a reflexology treatment, followed by a seaweed foot mask and fresh seaweed leaf wrap around your legs to reduce swelling and soften your feet (at this point, you won’t even care about the pedicure).

The details: The 80-minute treatment is $95.

Thai Yoga Massage at Spa Orlando

In trendy Thornton Park, Spa Orlando sits within walking distance of Lake Eola, a hub of activity in the city. And after an energizing Thai Yoga Massage, you may just feel like exploring. This type of massage aims to stimulate and energize the body by balancing the sen, or the body’s energy pathways. The massage therapist will put you through a series of stretches while simultaneously applying deep, rhythmic compressions to your body, leaving you feeling invigorated and relaxed at the same time. You’ll lie on a comfortable floor mat to make room for the therapist’s maneuvers, and unlike regular massage, the recipient of Thai massage remains clothed — so wear something loose and flowing.

The details: The 90-minute treatment is $135.