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Building a Better Breakfast

Available in 13 varieties, Re:fuel Pots from Aloft offer sweet, savory and health-conscious options.

Aloft Re:fuel Breakfast

Most people have the best of intentions for breakfast. Ideally, weekday mornings would start with a handcrafted cold brew, good-for-you grain bowls, farm fresh eggs and an abundance of avocado. The kind of morning eats that will leave you well-nourished, perked up and ready to take on the day.

Often life gets in the way of a healthy start, especially when you’re on the road. Yet instead of succumbing to carb-heavy or humdrum options, Re:fuel Pots from Aloft hotels puts a fresh—and flavorful—spin on instant-breakfast options.

Redefining Breakfast on the Road

For decades, heavy breakfasts such as doughnuts and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, dominated the on-the-go menu, with nary a vegetable or whole grain in sight.

Toni Stoeckl, global brand leader and vice president of Distinctive Select Brands Marriott International, is ready to change that. He sees Aloft Hotels’ Re:fuel Pots as a way for guests to have an authentic café experience without having to leave the hotel.

When developing the Pots, a global network of chefs came together to brainstorm ideas from more than 75 combinations, coming up with on-trend ideas and locally sourced eats. “We wanted to build something fast and efficient without sacrificing quality of ingredients,” Stoeckl says.

Aloft Re:fuel Pots

Aloft Breakfast

By incorporating the most appealing elements of modern morning favorites like savory hashes, overnight oats and classics like French toast and huevos rancheros, Re:fuel Pots are a fresh take on breakfast, neatly tucked into a well-designed package. Unlike a traditional dining room set up, these innovative Pots are ordered at sleek lobby kiosks and deliver a custom-built breakfast in a matter of minutes.

Sweet, Savory and in Between

There are 13 different Pots, catering to sweet, savory and health-conscious palates. For Stoeckl, this variety is intuitive. “Nutritionally, we’re giving the gift of choice,” he adds.

Fans of sweet beginnings will go for the Brunch, French toast sticks topped with berries, icing and mint leaves; the Sweet, mini pancakes with lemon ricotta and maple; or the Berry, a bowl of overnight oats with yogurt, fruit and granola.

On the savory side, the Pots come topped with a perfectly poached egg while the bases range from hearty diner-inspired fare to veggies and grains. Those looking for some comfort can opt for the Classic Southern, cheddar grits with peppers and scallions, or a Classic with corned beef hash. Alternatives include the Original, seasoned fries topped with cheese sauce and crisp bacon bits, or the Southern, a bed of cheese grits topped with Sriracha honey-drizzled chicken.

Lean, mean and loaded with energy, the Protein is a base of quinoa with fresh veggies and lemon vinaigrette finished with turkey sausage. Sweet potato hash is the base for the Paleo while the Hearty lives up to is name with slow-simmered pork and beans.

Vegetarian Options, Too

The Pots offer tasty vegetarian options, including the Ranchero with black beans, avocado and lime-spiked sour cream; the Lean Green gets in plenty of antioxidants with kale, Brussels sprouts and basil; or the Goodness, a goat cheese and quinoa salad with cucumbers and grape tomatoes.

At the end of the day, it’s these types of thoughtful choices to start the day that define Re:fuel Pots. “We’re serving breakfast in an interesting way,” Stoeckl says. “It’s made to order, and it’s made just for you.”

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