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Message in a Bottle

Element Hotels and S'well want to protect the environment starting with the way you drink water.

S'well water bottle

S’well has been the cool kid of the reusable water bottle world since founder and CEO Sarah Kauss introduced the brand in 2010. Out of her mission to get people to stop throwing away plastic water bottles and instead turn to refillable alternatives emerged her slick, designer-focused containers.

Despite her success, it was not an easy task.

No Watered-down Facts

Americans alone use and discard 2.5 million bottles every hour, a staggering figure, especially when you consider most wind up in landfills or the world’s oceans.

According to the United Nations Environment Program, only 9 percent of all plastic bottles are recycled. What’s more, 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2016 worldwide, with that number expected to increase to 583 billion by 2021, experts say.

Yet for Kauss, the solution to limiting water bottle trash has not been to restrict water consumption, but instead to increase adoption of reusable bottles.

Her drive is rooted in fact: Just one refillable bottle can eliminate the use of 167 plastic water bottles per year.

And Element Hotels wants to help.

S'well water bottles

Eco-Conscious Unite

Marriott’s eco-conscious brand also been on a mission to work toward preserving and protecting the planet’s natural resources.

In an effort to meet its Serve 360: Doing Good in Every Direction initiative goals, Marriott saves water with low flow sinks, showers and other resources in rooms. Its hotels have fully embraced the construction of LEED-certified buildings, the use of energy conserving fixtures, recycled fabrics and carpets, emission-friendly paints and charging stations for electric vehicles.

That made the hotels a perfect environment for S’well.

S’well has become part of Marriott’s sustainability plan to help Marriott reduce its own environmental footprint and change how the hospitality industry embraces green living.

“We know making sustainable and health-conscious choices is something that is really important to our guests, so S’well’s core values really spoke to us,” says Toni Stoeckl, global brand leader and vice president, Distinctive Select Brands, Marriott International.

Isn’t that S’well

Together, S’well is offering its bottles in Element rooms, which guests can fill with purified water and purchase through the brand’s Restore pantries during their stays.

S’well products will also be available for purchase at Marriott’s AC Hotels, Aloft Hotels and Moxy Hotels brands, which will make the bottles available in over 150 hotels.

Element saw S’well as an opportunity to help guests create smart habits that they can carry with them throughout the year. (The effort, appropriately promises to promote hydration, wellness and sustainability.)

Making a positive impact on the environment and being exposed to mindful choices for themselves was important to Kauss, especially as it seeks to displace 100 million plastic bottles from hitting landfills through its Million Bottle Project.

“When you choose a S’well product, you’re choosing a beautiful, simple, sustainable way to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day,” she says, “[you’re] doing yourself and the planet a favor.”

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