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Learn how travel influenced the bath amenities Malin + Goetz created for Le Méridien Hotels.

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Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz, founders of skin, body and hair company MALIN + GOETZ, infuse each of their products with an appreciation for time and place. It’s through this historical lens that they tap into a contemporary cultural experience, sourcing high quality ingredients that match the feelings they are meant to evoke.

“We always like to look back through history for inspiration — in particular, at old perfumeries and apothecaries,” says Goetz.

On the Scent

This process has held steadfast in their unwavering dedication to scent development — a passion they’ve cultivated for more than a decade, which is now available through a partnership with Le Méridien, exclusive to the hotel.

“At the core of Le Méridien Hotels’ partnership with MALIN + GOETZ is a shared commitment to culture and design, which complements a modern, European-inspired aesthetic,” says George Fleck, VP of brand marketing for Le Méridien Hotels. “Like Le Méridien Hotels, MALIN + GOETZ is equally passionate about discovery and elevating the finer details of any experience.”

The signature scent — aptly named LM002 for the tail numbers on airplanes — captures the elusive sentiment of summer while pointing to the nostalgia of the 1960s era of glamorous travel. Guests can discover it throughout more than 100 Le Méridien Hotels globally, from Barcelona and Bora Bora to Santa Monica and Seoul.

The upcoming candle, adorned with the same scent, comes as an addition to the iconic regulars found in Le Méridien hotels.

Comfort on the Road

Today, each room and suite now features a carefully curated collection of MALIN + GOETZ products that can be incorporated into any skin and haircare regimen, including the signature sage body wash, peppermint shampoo, cilantro hair conditioner, lime bar soap, and vitamin B5 body moisturizer.

Malin + Goetz

For Le Méridien, it was critical to provide the modern-day traveler with access to the type of high-quality amenities they are used to at home. Today, this commitment is reflected in the portfolio’s in-suite experience that mimics the tailored, at-home beauty routines of many of its guests.

And while the in-hotel products serve to complement routines, the new candle’s magic is due, in part, to its ability to produce the opposite effect: to use scent to whisk visitors away to a fond memory or desire.

Beyond Time and Space

In the same way that Malin and Goetzs’ travel has been able to inspire the creation of a scent, our senses—particularly our olfactory ones — have the ability to inspire the impulse to travel.

Noses can take travelers well beyond time and space, and oftentimes, right into a special reminiscence. It’s for this reason a partnership between MALIN + GOETZ and Le Méridien works so well. “Le Méridien’s promise to unlock destinations for their guests perfectly complements our brand’s ability to stimulate their senses,” says Goetz.

Fleck agrees. “MALIN + GOETZ’s innate ability to distill Le Méridien Hotels’ French roots and its light-hearted sophistication in one olfactory experience is a testament to the strength of this ongoing global amenities partnership,” he says. “This collaboration is yet another touch point to ensure guests of Le Méridien Hotels experience their travel in style.”

Still, Malin and Goetz admit that scent — just like travel — is an extremely personal experience. “Ultimately, scent is very subjective,” Goetz says. “Our products are always born out of passion, and anything can be an inspiration at any time. Our travels around the world continue to inspire us.”

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