Miami’s Wynwood Art District…With Kids!

Miami’s artsy Wynwood District isn’t just for adults. (Photo: Alamy)

The Wynwood Arts District in Miami is hot right now—Instagram is teeming with photos hash-tagged “#wynwood,” and it seems like there’s a Miami local or tourist on every street corner who can’t help but rave about their recent visit. Wynwood is all about art – in fact, it’s one of the largest open-air street art installations in the world and you’ll admire art everywhere – in galleries, in restaurants, and even on the sidewalks.

It may seem like an adult-centric hot spot, but if prepped just right, your kids will enjoy a visit to Miami’s Wynwood Art District, too. Here’s how:

Time your visit for the best weather

A visit to Wynwood Art District will involve a lot of time outside. If you can go in the winter or early spring, you’ll have a better chance at clear skies and warm (but not sweltering) daytime temperatures. If that’s not possible, then plan to visit in the morning, before lunchtime and midday meltdowns.

Wynwood park mural.
Look for he Wynwood park, where a funky mural is a real kid-pleaser. (Photo: Alamy)

Keep ’em busy

Your kids may enjoy all that Wynwood has to offer, but some areas will appeal to them more than others. The Wynwood park, where Wynwood Kitchen and Bar is located, has a mural that will remind them of characters from Cartoon Network’s “Adventure Time.” There are other murals that feature larger-than-life sharks and tigers. Or, kids can keep their eyes peeled for historic figures like Martin Luther King represented in the murals.

If the little ones like to take photos, encourage them to start snapping. Another idea: ask kids to keep track of art in unusual places, such as on parking meters or on the sidewalks.

Make time to eat

We’re guessing that everyone in your group, young or old, can get a little cranky without enough grub. Thankfully, you won’t have to miss any meals in the Wynwood Art District, which is home to an ever-growing number of places to eat. One restaurant to try is Wynwood Kitchen & Bar, inside the heart of Wynwood’s park and arts activities.

Wynwood Kitchen & Bar
When hunger strikes, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar has something for everyone. (Photo: Alamy)

The restaurant has artwork throughout, including colorful abstract paintings and multicolored mannequins that’ll get your table talking. You can try small plates of kid-friendly, Latin-themed tapas, including guacamole, hummus, shrimp tacos, tequenos and maduros. For dessert, a quick trip to Serendipity Yogurt Café will satisfy their sweet tooth.

When in doubt, take a tour

Wynwood offers walking tours that cater to both adults and kids, so they are a great way to get acclimated to the neighborhood. A local artist who’s considered “Miami’s Best Graffiti Guide” offers one popular tour of the art district. Another organization touts tours on special days of the week (like a Sunday art walk) and even offers a tour in Spanish.

End the day with some downtime

You may be intent on checking out the latest murals or popular restaurant, but some downtime at the end of the day might be just what the little ones need. Set them up with free Wi-Fi at the hotel, or have them hop into the pool. The Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay has a heated pool and is the only marina-front hotel in downtown Miami, while the Marriott Stanton South Beach offers oceanfront views and infinity pools.