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Pietro Boselli: ‘People Should Always Travel with a Spirit of Curiosity’

“I have had my most inspiring moments when on top of one of those mountains,” says model Pietro Boselli of his love for the Italian Alps. (Photo: Pietro Boselli)

Most models don’t take much time to explore their surroundings when traveling for a job. In most cases they don’t have the time because they move from the airport to a hotel to the photo shoot and then fly back home with very little downtime in between.

Pietro Boselli isn’t one of those models.

“Travel has impacted my life greatly,” Boselli told Marriott TRAVELER. “I believe it is one of the best ways to spend your time and resources.”

All you have to do is take a look at Boselli’s Instagram feed to see what he means — it’s essentially a journeyman’s travelog, showing him exploring the peaks of the Italian Alps, the beaches of the Philippines, and the streets of New York and London, where he lives.

Open yourself to the outer world and to the people inhabiting it, and you will discover the world within you.

Pietro Boselli

“Traveling and adventure have always fascinated me growing up,” Boselli says. “As a child when people asked me what I wanted to be, I always said ‘explorer.’ I realized only later, all lands had been discovered and explored, so I began a new kind of exploration.”

For Boselli, that’s meant mechanical engineering, graduating from University College London with a Bachelor of Engineering, in 2010, and then studying to complete a PhD in 2016, teaching undergraduate mathematics in between.

Pietro Boselli
Pietro Boselli exploring Hong Kong and New York City. (Photos courtesy of Pietro Boselli)

The modeling came naturally — and early.

His career in front of the camera started at six when he was recruited by Armani Junior for a campaign. Now 28, Boselli’s been the face for Emporio Armani’s EA7 sportswear line for the last four campaigns, including its Olympics ads for Team Italy. He’s also recently shot for the Moschino, Estee Lauder, Equinox, and Dsquared2 brands, and GQ, Vogue and Attitude magazines.

Boselli’s always on the move, and juggling a number of projects. It’s all part of his entrepreneurial nature.

He recently launched Petra.Design, his own line of high-end sportswear that was designed in London and produced in Italy.

“I started this business essentially just by working on flights and in hotels with my laptop,” he says.

Naturally, Boselli will serve as the face of the line. And who better than him, considering fitness plays a huge role in his life. His chiseled physique is what’s drawn the attention of so many of the world’s best photographers, including Bruce Weber, and what’s encouraged him to launch his own fitness channel on YouTube.

“Open yourself to the outer world and to the people inhabiting it, and you will discover the world within you,” he says.

Pietro Boselli
Pietro Boselli is the face of Emporio Armani’s EA7 sportswear brand. (Photo courtesy of Pietro Boselli)
Pietro Boselli’s travels have taken him to China’s Great Wall. (Photo: Pietro Boselli)

Marriott TRAVELER recently caught up with Boselli to talk about his latest projects, and the impact travel has had on his life.

In general, I love traveling back to a place where I haven't been in many years. That feeling of being thrown back in time really puts a smile on my face.

Pietro Boselli

Where have you been recently that really impressed you?

I have visited a few of the islands of the Philippines, and I was impressed by the primordial beauty of the nature there, especially in Palawan. (I also uploaded some travel videos from the Philippines on my YouTube channel) I have also recently visited Hong Kong and the high-rise urbanisation also left an impression on me.

What tips do you have to stay healthy and fit when you travel?

Long haul flights can put a real strain on your body. It seems like you’re just sitting there eating and sleeping, but the high altitude, dry air, the noise, vibrations and being surrounded by people means your body is always running in the background. Keep hydrated, avoid caffeine, replenish electrolytes and vitamins. When you land, fight jet lag by exercising, even if moderately, it will help more than napping. Try avoiding processed foods.

Since you have been all over the world, where are your favorite places?

Well it is to be expected, but I’ve seen such beauty of nature and richness of culture in my own country, Italy, and its value gets reinforced each time I see a new amazing place, which gives me a better frame of reference. The beauty of nature in general leaves me in awe, but I love the buzz of big metropolis such as London and New York City, and I like cities which combine well natural and urban environment like Sydney, Miami, Vancouver.

Pietro Boselli at home in London (left), and visiting an elementary school in the Philippines (right) on his first trip to the country. Watch some of his trip in the video below, as well as his Ted Talk. (Photos: Pietro Boselli)

Where is that one place everyone should go?

The Alps. Go hike a big mountain. I have had my most inspiring moments when on top on one of those mountains.

Are you a heavy or light packer? What items must you bring with you?

I’m a light packer for sure. I love simplicity, even though packing light requires far more insight and reasoning than packing heavy. The first thing I pack after my passport is my toothbrush and dental floss. Sometimes these items are simply in the pocket of my jacket.

What’s your favorite travel memory?

I have so many! In general, I love traveling back to a place where I haven’t been in many years. That feeling of being thrown back in time really puts a smile on my face. So many things have happened in between and meanwhile life went on in that place. But you can relive everything from that point in time in a few moments, just like when you listen to an old song you used to listen to.

What’s one of your earliest travel memories?

When I was 16, and with no budget, I began traveling with a friend. We would hitchhike and sleep outdoors. My first trip like this was to Spain. I came back after two weeks and I felt so changed. I had grown up more in those two weeks than I had ever done before or since.

Why should people travel?

People should always travel with a spirit of curiosity, asking themselves questions, taking time to reflect about themselves too, and seeing life from a different perspective. Routine often doesn’t allow for this to happen. Travel does.