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Blogger Andi Eaton shares her travel fashion tips. [Photos: Keiko Lynn (L), Ben Alleman (center/right)]


Travel in Style: What a Nashville Fashion Blogger Wears on the Road

Blogger Andi Eaton shares her travel fashion tips. [Photos: Keiko Lynn (L), Ben Alleman (center/right)]

Nashville resident Andi Eaton is a writer, influencer and style blogger who recently wrapped her second book, Wanderful: The Modern Bohemian’s Guide to Traveling in Style. While working on the book, Eaton spent three months road tripping to America’s forests, seas, cities and deserts.

Andi sat down with Marriott TRAVELER and shared her tips on how to dress Instagram-perfect while living out of a duffel bag.

What’s your travel packing game?

Start with your basics. I’m talking nice denim, a good pair of leggings or two, a quality white T-shirt (not Hanes). After that, I always advise people to pack lightweight, vintage dresses. They fold up well in a bag, and you’ll always feel like you are putting on something special.

travel in style
(Photo: Ben Alleman)

When you need something fancy, those dresses go a long way, and for days when you run around, you have jeans and T-shirts.

For me, what makes fashion special and creative is the feeling it can create for you. While I went on a road trip across West Texas, I needed appropriate hiking gear. But at the end of the day in my cute campsite, I wanted to put on an Old West prairie dress and have a moment around the fire. Fashion can be incorporated into that.

Interesting advice; I never thought about travel fashion capturing a feeling.

That’s something I talk about in the book — figure out who you want to be and create a capsule wardrobe for each trip. If you want to be a full-on flower child when you visit the Pacific, do it like a costume. Your pictures will be fun, you’ll be in a good mood and you’ll feel special while traveling.

What shoes do you pack, and how do you pack for cold weather?

I never pack a heel, ever. I learned my heel lesson a long time ago. I’m all about a nice black leather boot that can go anywhere, a good ballet flat and a good pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. That’s all that goes in my bag. I don’t even pack more than two jackets, even in the coldest climates. I pick a super versatile jacket and choose fabrics that layer well.

travel in style
[Photos: Ben Alleman (L), Keiko Lynn (R)]

You live in Nashville with your boyfriend, a musician. Where are your favorite places to shop?

Nashville has an amazing fashion scene and boutiques — a ton of vintage, lots of local designers. The Hip Zipper is probably my favorite vintage shop and is priced really well. Savant has the most amazing vintage fur coats and old Western cowboy hats — if you’re trying to find something nobody else has, that shop has amazing stuff.

From a local-designer standpoint, there’s a girl named Ashley Balding whose line Ona Rex is super conceptual and interesting. Opium Vintage specializes in Japanese vintage, beautiful dresses. And Local Honey is another one I like a lot; they have a salon in their boutique so you can get your hair done and shop vintage.

How do you describe your current style?

I’m really feeling the 1970s — a lot of vintage corduroy, the pussy-bow shirts, hippie accessories like John Lennon glasses. The girls in Nashville are creative and artistic. They aren’t following any trends, and they look so effortless and well put together. My style is definitely influenced by Nashville.