Country Singer Rachele Lynae Finds a Taste of Phuket in Nashville

The Phuket at The Flipside in Nashville. One of the best bites in Music City, according to Rachele Lynae. (Photo: Jason Sheer)

This could be the start of a joke: A girl from Alaska walks into a Nashville restaurant and orders The Phuket. But it’s no joke. Rachele Lynae, dubbed one of Nashville’s top 20 musicians to watch, is actually from the Kodiak state and loves to order The Phuket at The Flipside in one of Nashville’s hottest neighborhoods, 12 South.

Rachele is creating a bit of buzz in the country music capital of the world with songs like “Party ‘Til the Cows Come Home” and “Quicksand,” so in honor of the CMA Awards in Nashville, we asked Rachele for the Music City bite that makes her taste buds sing. Her answer: The Phuket.

Rachele Lynae
Rising country star Rachele Lynae. (Photo: Diana Garcia)

What’s in The Phuket? What do you love about it?

This is Flipside’s way of putting a Thai spin on flat chicken. The chicken is topped with Sriracha, Thai basil slaw, and, believe it or not, peanut butter. It is such a unique flavor, but one that any Thai food enthusiast is bound to love!

What do you remember about the first time you ordered it?

The first time I ordered it I was afraid of pronouncing it wrong so I simply pointed to it on the menu… Once I got the meal, I couldn’t stop saying how great it was!!

Any special tips for ordering or eating The Phuket? Extra napkins?

Just keep in mind that the Sriracha can give it quite the kick! So, if you are concerned about the spice simply ask them to go light on Sriracha. Also, come hungry and order it with a side of tots… You’re going to want to finish your plate!

How does this dish represent Nashville?

Nashville is such a melting pot of people from all over the country and even all over the world. A hunger for creativity is what brought many of us here; this dish is both creative and multicultural!

Nashville Flipside
Inside The Flipside, flipping the script on chicken dishes in Nashville. (Photo: Jason Sheer)

What else do you like about The Flipside?

The Flipside specializes in an array of unique chicken dishes and it’s in the heart of 12 South. I love that they have found so many creative ways to prepare chicken that taste so completely different from each other! And, as someone who tries to avoid gluten, the dishes don’t compromise a bit of flavor when you simply order them without breadcrumbs!

If you could write a country song about The Phuket, what would you call it?

“Happy Surprise” or “Spicy Fresh.” Why is thinking of song titles making me hungry?