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Adventure Fitness: Defy Gravity with These New Orleans Aerial Classes

Crescent Aerial Arts (Photo: Joshua Brasted)

Move over yoga, it’s time to change our relationship with gravity. These aerial fitness classes will get you airborne for an incredibly fun way to exercise.

Gravity Defying Fitness

Started by retired trapeze artist, Lorelei Ashe, Gravity Defying Fitness offers classes that are geared toward people of all ages and backgrounds. The objective is to have fun while building strength, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility and agility. Individual and group classes are available on the trapeze, rope, rings, aerial silks, and aerial hoop. Private group classes include SuperFly, an in-air conditioning class and AcroBarre, which is based on acrobatics but stays on the ground. You get to move to your favorite rhythms because students select the music. While the classes are physically challenging and adventurous, they are also safe.

The details: Rates are $45 for 30 minutes of one-on-one in-studio training and $95 for one hour. (The studio has circus training insurance coverage.)

Crescent City Aerial Arts

Combining dance with creative movement on suspended apparatuses, Crescent City Aerial Arts classes are fun and great for building upper body and core strength. Aerial classes for kids are also available and combine gymnastic, fitness, and dance, in the air. Adult aerial classes take place on solid steel hoops and aerial silks that are adjusted to each person’s physical ability. Some aerial classes incorporate TRX, kettle bells, and conditioning using on the aerial silks. The vibe in this garage-turned-gym is upbeat and positive, and the music sets an energetic beat for your aerial training session.

The details: Drop in fee is $25. Packages, private, and semi-private lessons are also available.

You will be inverted at various points, so proper attire for aerial fitness are fitted clothing such as athletic tops, leggings, tights, or form fitting pants without zippers or buttons. Don’t wear jewelry as they may harm you or the equipment. Let your aerial adventures begin!