New Orleans

Ready to Mingle? Where to Bring Your Wingman in New Orleans

Fulton Alley (Photo: Joshua Brasted)

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting a brand new city is the prospect of meeting locals and other fun-seeking travelers — a task that’s relatively simple in the Big Easy. While watering holes are plentiful in New Orleans, here are three fun spots uniquely conducive to mingling:


If you long for the days when games such as Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, Connect Four, air hockey and pinball reigned supreme, then Barcadia is the place for you. This adult arcade provides the perfect environment to kick back while enjoying great food, drinks and a little friendly competition. Did we mention that there’s a life-sized Jenga game on the patio and 44 craft beers on tap? There’s no limit to the fun to be had at this bar.

Fulton Alley

This bowling alley is far from the one you’ve been to at home. With it impressive curation of craft food and cocktails, just as many people visit Fulton Alley for its menu as they do for the actual bowling. Located in a former bus barn, this unique locale features a chill bar and lounge area that make it easy to strike up conversation. And with drinks with names like The Southern Twang, Spare Me, and 3rd Strike, you’re sure to have a lot to talk about before the night is through.


If a more traditional lounge experience is more your speed, then be sure to pay a visit to Victory. This cozy location has become very popular with the young professional crowd, thanks in large part to its 20 speciality cocktails and laid-back ambiance. It can get packed pretty quickly, but this fact just makes starting a conversation that much easier since you don’t have to go far to cross paths with someone new. That is, of course, if you can tear yourself away from menu’s gourmet pizza and tapas offerings.