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Business Traveling in NOLA? Better Take This List with You

Myphone MD (Photo: Joshua Brasted)

When you’re traveling on your boss’s dime, everyday problems come with big consequences. You’re in unfamiliar territory, so you don’t know where to get your busted shoe or (dear God, no) crashed computer fixed before that big presentation. And oh yeah: you have about five minutes to figure it all out. Here are five quick fix spots to help you avert a crisis.

  1. Just Call Techdude! – New Orleans Computer Repair Service. Having computer issues while traveling is, frankly, unacceptable. Just Call Techdude will come to your hotel to fix your crashing hard drive or flickering screen in record time.
  2. Myphone MD. It’s virtually impossible to get around an unknown city without your trusted smartphone, and this shop will ensure you won’t have to try. Myphone MD’s tech gurus can fix just about any phone problem for you. Seriously, they’ve heard all the stories.
  3. Joe’s Cobbler Workbench. Hobbling into a business meeting with a broken high heel won’t score you any points with your new client. Joe’s Cobbler Work will relieve you of your shoe woes.
  4. Riverside Day Spa & Nails. Too busy packing to have time to get your nails done at home? Located right in the French Quarter near Decatur Street, this cute salon specializes in speedy manicures and pedicures. A more convenient location doesn’t exist.
  5. Woodhouse Day Spa. Sometimes the thing you need to fix is, well, you. Woodhouse will help you banish that post-meeting tension. The spa is renowned for its menu of massage options designed to alleviate back tension, induce overall body relaxation or give your muscles a deep tissue workout. If you have extra time, go for a facial and a cocktail.