New Orleans bookstore

New Orleans

Still Read Books? Here are the 10 Coolest Bookstores in NOLA

In a world where e-books have become the norm, there’s something rather nostalgic about thumbing through the pages of a book in your preferred local bookstore.

New Orleans is a magical, one-of-a-kind place where people love their locally owned businesses and actually support them. It’s part of the reason why so many independently owned bookstores have thrived in the city. Make some time to visit the 10 best independent New Orleans bookstores, from the French Quarter to the idyllic Riverbend area.

1. Beckham’s Bookshop. If you have a dog that loves to read, Beckham’s is the place for you. Explore two floors of this pet-friendly bookstore that’s conveniently located in the French Quarter, across from the famous House of Blues. Their selection of books, new and used, CDs, and vintage vinyl is unmatched.

2. Blue Cypress Books. Nestled in the picturesque Riverbend neighborhood, Blue Cypress Books is the perfect place for readers to escape into another world. It’s surrounded by neighborhood coffee shops and local restaurants that bring its quaintness to a whole new level.

3. Community Book Center. Coming to this New Orleans bookstore feels like coming home to your family. This cozy neighborhood gem specializes in African-American literature and is located near the Tremé area of New Orleans.

4. Crescent City BooksAn old-school French Quarter bookstore, Crescent City Books sells used books by the stacks. If there’s an out-of-print book that you couldn’t find anywhere else in New Orleans, you have your best chances here. You will probably find Crescent City to be one of the most interesting places that you’ll visit in the city.

5. Faulkner House Books. If you’ve ever considered traveling back in time, you may want to visit Faulkner House Books. Located near the St. Louis Cathedral, in Pirate’s Alley, this unique beauty specializes in southern literature.

6. Maple Street Book Shop. This bookshop is one of the more unique shops in the city. This popular Uptown shop is a traditional New Orleans home filled with some of the best books you’ll ever read.

7. Garden District Book Shop. Located just blocks away from the streetcar line, this bookstore in the heart of NOLA’s beautiful Garden District. They offer a wide array of books including classics and nonfiction. They also support local authors with their consignment section.

8. Kitchen Witch. Do you love Creole and Cajun cuisine? Do you want the secrets to all of those great recipes? If so, Kitchen Witch is the place for you! They sell more local cookbooks than dishes you could think to cook up. What better way to bring a little bit of NOLA home?

9. Octavia BooksLocated near the University area, Octavia Books has a contemporary flare with a friendly neighborhood attitude. The knowledgeable staff members are obvious book lovers who can probably tell you a little something about every book in the building.

10. Librairie Book Shop. This charming little shop is another French Quarter bookstore gem. Don’t let its small size fool you — Librairie Book Shop carries the Quarter’s largest selection of locally-oriented books, postcards and posters.