New Orleans

The Best Places to Dine Gluten-Free in New Orleans

Bacon Sundae from Green Goddess (Photo: Joshua Brasted)

At first glance, roux-rich, deep fried New Orleans cuisine may seem less than accommodating to gluten-free diners, but newer restaurants and menu options have rectified the situation with the full-bodied flavors appropriate for the city’s famous culinary scene.

Here are just a few of the increasing number of restaurants where gluten-free souls can indulge their appetites.

Meals From The Heart Café. A walk around the French Market can work up quite the appetite, but most of the Southern fare lining the way is thickly breaded and has the tendency to weigh heavy on the stomach. Meals From The Heart offers lighter alternatives at their stall in the heart of the Market. Their g-free breakfast items are the perfect balance of healthy and satisfying.

Green Goddess is an eclectic little spot is known for dishing out healthy carb-free and vegan options. Of course, for a little indulgence, the bacon sundae is a notable exception to the latter. Snag an al fresco table in Exchange Alley and savor the combinations of unique flavor profiles with healthy ingredients. Beet and pomegranate hummus, anyone?

Satsuma Café is dedicated to offering fresh, health-conscious food for the New Orleans community. The best strategy for avoiding gluten at the café is to call ahead to make sure their alternative options are available. Satsuma has two locations, in the Bywater and Uptown, serving up tasty substitutions for sandwiches, muffins, and more.

The Peacebaker in Metairie is the gluten abstainer’s dessert haven. They offer a spread of baked goods that also accommodates the dairy-free, Kosher, and vegan (with a few exceptions). This bakery has honed the craft of substitution so that the taste and texture of the pastries, cakes, and breads are delectable. As a bonus, the king cake is sold year-round!

Casamento’s. Having spent time in New Orleans, it’s understandable if you develop a craving for deep fried foods. Luckily, all of Casamento’s seafood—including the famous oysters—is fried up in a special batter recipe that relies on cornmeal instead of wheat flour. You could also just skip the breading altogether and opt for the local delicacy: a dozen or two raw oysters on the half-shell!