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Once home to a sugar beet factory, the Sugar House district has some of SLC’s trendiest shopping. (Photos: Kylie Fly)

Salt Lake City

Shopping in Sugar House: Salt Lake City’s Sweet Spot

Once home to a sugar beet factory, the Sugar House district has some of SLC’s trendiest shopping. (Photos: Kylie Fly)

Savvy travelers know that when visiting a new locale, hitting the shops isn’t only about indulging in some satisfying spending. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to mix with the populace and tap into the pulse of a city.

If you’re the type of traveler who seeks out a destination’s authentic side by immersing yourself in local experiences, head to Salt Lake City’s Sugar House district to get your shopping fix.

Just two miles from the downtown core, Sugar House got its saccharin moniker by once housing a sugar beet factory. Today this neighborhood is a favorite go-to for everything from clothing and books to housewares and art.

While Sugar House does host an eponymous mall and some big-name brands, like Old Navy and Walgreen’s, the district prides itself on its emphasis on locally owned and one-of-a-kind shops.

This neighborhood is one of the city’s most historic, and it’s here where you’ll find one of the oldest furniture stores in the state, Sterling Furniture. You’ll also find Guthrie Bicycle. Opened in 1888, it claims to be the oldest bike store in the country.

With such historic businesses, it seems fitting that the neighborhood is also the city’s epicenter for vintage clothing, housewares and jewelry. There’s an abundance of independent boutiques offering a selection of clothing and goods made by local designers, as well as “found” (the term many area’s shops use to refer to used clothing) outfits.

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The district is easy to reach thanks to the Sugar House street car route.

Those creative juices aren’t just directed at designing funky clothing and jewelry. Sugar House is Salt Lake City’s “artsy” side of town and it’s the place to go for those who want to peruse art created by locals. If you’re searching for something singular that captures the soul of the city, check out the Local Colors of Utah Art Gallery, which features fine art, sculpture and photography from SLC artists.

If you’re in the mood for auditory indulgence, head to beloved neighborhood spot Raunch Records — its collection of alternative music is sure to provide an unforgettable sound experience.

The Sugar House streetcar is a testament to the location’s popularity as a shopping hub. Established in 2013, the route (officially called the S-line) was developed in response to the increasing influx of businesses and shoppers over the last decade and provides a fast and easy way to get to this vibrant district.

The short two-mile line connects the Sugar House neighborhood with the transportation hub the Central Pointe TRAX station.

When you’re all shopped out and looking for your second wind, turn to one of the charming coffee houses or restaurants that pepper the area. Better yet, head to the bustling shopper’s paradise oasis, Sugar House Park.

The many benches gracing the verdant landscape of 110-acre Sugar House Park are a welcome reprieve for weary shoppers looking to give their feet a well-earned rest.

With all its assets, perhaps the best reason to do your shopping in the Sugar House district is because here you get to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Wasatch Mountains, your constant shopping companion.

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