La Jolla Beach Sea Lions

The Sea Lions at La Jolla Beach. (Photo: Getty Images)

San Diego

Soak up the Sun in San Diego’s Best Beach Neighborhoods

The Cove at La Jolla Beach, San Diego. (Photo: LA / AeroPhotos / Alamy Stock Images)

San Diego’s stunning stretch of golden sand beaches and perpetually sunny blue skies attract millions of visitors each year with good reason. Not surprisingly, some of the city’s most geographically desirable neighborhoods lie alongside the region’s top beaches. You don’t have to call San Diego home to enjoy these sunny shores. Pack your sunscreen and bathing suit as you check out these best beach neighborhoods.

La Jolla’s Natural Wonders

Nature and adventure lovers flock to La Jolla to enjoy the excellent diving, snorkeling, and kayaking opportunities found just offshore.

Head to The Cove, La Jolla’s most epically pretty spot for swimming, and keep an eye out for the colorful sea creatures that call the vibrant blue waters home.

Work your muscles on a kayak trip into the Pacific, and cruise alongside stingrays and leopard sharks. Surfers, take heed: La Jolla’s ecologically protected waters prohibit any kind of flotation devices.

Get Gnarly in Coronado Beach

If you’re itching to hang 10 on a rad wave, grab your surfboard and head to the shores of Coronado Beach.

Although the surf is said to be at it’s peak during summer months, this beach consistently delivers great surfing conditions. Average daily wave heights fall between 3 and 5 feet and crowds are minimal, making this a favorite among local surfers.

Cast Your Line at Mission Bay

Mission Bay, San Diego
Deep sea fishing is a popular activity at Mission Bay, San Diego. (Photo: Robert Inglehart / Getty Images)

Anglers can hook their line and try their luck reeling in a big one at Mission Bay. In addition to its line of pretty beaches, Mission Bay is home to a number of sport fishing outfitters.

Deep sea fishing adventures lie just offshore; it’s possible to embark on half-day and multi-day fishing adventures in search of the Pacific’s best catches.