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Music Producer Prince Fox on the San Fran Music Scene and His Carry-On Packed With Sneakers

Prince Fox mixing beats. (Photo: Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Universal Music Group)

Prince Fox, nee Sam Lassner, says he wanted to be John Mayer for the longest time. But the loss of a family member to cancer, lead him to put down his guitar and pick up music production instead. Five years later, he’s DJing sold-out shows and putting the finishing touches on a new single called “Fragile” with Hailee Steinfeld.

I got to chat with Prince Fox in the Presidential Suite at the JW Marriott Austin right before a set at a SXSW pool party, co-hosted by Marriott Rewards and Universal Music Group, where I asked the fashion-forward music man about his travels.

Where have you been recently that left an impression musically?

I played in San Francisco at this place called Audio and that was my first wall-to-wall, headlining sold out show. The energy from that crowd in that room was something that I always wanted, but never expected. To look to the back of the room and see people standing by the bathroom with their hands up, completely going crazy…I have to say that San Francisco and the greater Bay area has a really amazing music scene, and has been especially kind to me and I’m grateful for that.

When you are traveling, what do you absolutely have to have?

My travel essentials are: At least one or two pairs of skinny jeans. If I can take a checked bag, I would have my checked bag with all of my clothing and a carry on bag with a bunch of pairs of sneakers. I love sneakers. I love shoes. For this trip, I had to cut it down because I’m doing a lot of hopping around between cities in Texas, so my absolute essentials on this trip are a white pair of vintage Converse All Stars; the shoes I’m wearing now, which are PF Flyer/Todd Snyder collaboration through Kith, it’s like my favorite store to shop in New York; a bomber that I designed with Massiv that’s coming out in April and another Massiv bomber that’s kind of a long line one. Those are my two essential jackets. And then I have Emergen-C for colds and for your immune system, and I have two pairs of headphones and my laptop.

You’re on a road trip. What music are you playing?

If I’m on a road trip, I could be playing anything. On my phone right now, I have Justin Bieber’s album, an album of meditations from Donna Stewart, Kanye West’s “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” one or two of Hailee Steinfeld’s singles from her EP, all of John Mayer’s discography, the White Stripes discography and a couple of singles that I downloaded from the Spotify Top 50. I believe those were Snakehips, featuring Tinashe and Chance the Rapper on “All My Friends” and The Chain Smokers’ “Don’t Let me Down.”

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