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3 Days in Melbourne: What to See, Eat and Do in Australia’s Arts and Culture Capital

In Melbourne, going out is a way of life. The city is famous for its coffee fixation, abundant arts festivals, “foodie” status and nonstop sporting events. You can’t turn a corner without coming face-to-face with…
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These 5 Hotels Go All Out for the Holidays in Asia and the Pacific

Perhaps as a child you dreamed of spending the holidays in a marvelous setting with a cozy fireplace, lots of presents and festive decorations. Or maybe you wished for a warm-weather holiday near the beach….
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Where to Celebrate Life’s Major Milestones in Asia and the Pacific

Life gives you plenty of reasons to celebrate, both large and small. But when major milestones pop up, why not go all out? Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday or a new business, there are…
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These 8 Destinations in Asia and Australia Are a Bleisure Traveler’s Dream

Imagine starting your day by an oceanfront pool, laptop and cup of coffee in hand, and clocking out in the afternoon for a mountain trek or swim in the sea. If this sounds like perfection,…
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Amazing (and Little-Known) Hotel Perks You Need to Discover

What separates a fabulous hotel stay from a merely OK getaway? Perks, of course! And that involves way more than, say, a pool, ice machine and coffee maker. You’ll be surprised (and delighted!) to discover…
Road Trips

6 Road-Trip-Worthy Hotels in Asia and the Pacific

World-class beaches, hilltop stations with epic hiking and whitewater rafting right outside the door, temples galore and wildlife encounters that range from penguins to elephants are all in store when you plan a road trip…

8 Cities with Spectacular, and Sustainable, Green Spaces

Historically, urban green spaces have provided relaxation and calm amid chaotic city living. But as the world evolves and climate issues take center stage, the important role trees and plants play in lowering carbon emissions…
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Make Waves Around the Globe at 8 Spectacular City Beaches

Waterfront cities offer unrivaled charm. Cool breezes on a warm summer’s day. Lively boardwalks buzzing with joggers and cyclists. The chance to slip away to a city beach in the middle of a workweek. Natural…

Find Outdoor Adventure Under 3 Hours Away from These Cities in Asia and Australia

It’s always inspiring to rediscover the great outdoors, and even in the biggest cities, nature is never too far away. Enjoy the first blooms in the mountains of Hokkaido, trek through South Asia’s densest rainforest…
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From the Green Flash to Cliff Diving, Experience the World’s Most Interesting Local Beach Rituals

From diving off cliffs to diving for soccer balls, communities along the world’s beaches tend to create watery rituals that last for generations — and attract droves of curious travelers looking to feel like locals…