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Say, “Cheers!” to an Atlanta Craft Brewery Crawl

To say that Atlanta’s craft brewery scene is booming is an understatement. The metro area has more than 80 craft breweries, which means there is something for every type of beer drinker. Prefer sours? There’s…
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Beer Travelers Take Note: These 9 Cities Have Surprising Brewery Scenes

We live in a craft-beer world. Cities as varied as London, with its centuries-old tradition of brewing, and Lima, where big-brand lagers dominated until recently, are now home to thriving modern beer scenes, boasting dozens…
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Raleigh-Durham’s Craft Beer Scene Is Hot. Here’s Where to Raise a Glass

With more than 260 craft breweries in North Carolina and dozens in the Triangle area alone, the state of Southern beer is thriving in Raleigh-Durham. With local brews as diverse and distinct as the state…
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Dallas Breweries: Where to Find Craft Beer

The Dallas beer scene has really taken off in recent years, and the city is now home to many different breweries that have opened their doors to the public, offering both guided tours and tastings….
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Chicago Has a Craft Beer Scene. Here’s Where to Go

Chicago has long loved its on-draft drinking, but a recent boom in the craft beer scene has the city proving its devotion to suds in spades — and in more than 60 breweries across town….
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What’s Brewing in Baltimore? Here’s Where to Be a Beer Fan in Charm City

Baltimore’s place as one of America’s great beer cities has been cemented since the days when National Bohemian Beer (always referred to as “Natty Boh” in these parts) was first brewed here. It’s still a…
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Thirsty? Here’s What’s Brewing in Cape Town

Thanks to an array of world-class wineries on its doorstep, Cape Town has always been a favorite destination for oenophiles. In recent years, however, the city’s drinking scene has been decidedly hop-heavy, with a plethora…

Move Over, Oregon. Here’s Where to Dive Into Hawaii’s Growing Craft Beer Culture

When you think craft beer, you probably imagine brews from states like Oregon, California and Colorado. But how about Hawaii? Odds are that with the exception of Kona, which you’ve probably seen bottles of at…
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Explore Calgary’s Craft Beer Scene

While taprooms and microbreweries have long been a staple in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, thanks to some governmental red tape specific to the Province of Alberta, Calgary’s potential to incubate an industry of innovative,…
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How to Raise a Beer Glass Around the World Like a Local

Fans of kicking back with a cold one on vacation will likely want to try the local brews when they globe trot. But beer traditions can vary country by country — and in some cases,…