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Unwrap the Many Layers of Bogotá: 3 Days of Markets, Museums and Mountain Views

Bogotá, Colombia, is a city for those who dare to dig a bit deeper. Go beyond the colorful streets of the historic center to find a place bursting with creativity and ever-changing ideas. The historic…
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Bleisure Bliss: Exploring Latin America’s Top 5 Destinations for Work and Play

Who says that business and leisure don’t mix? In recent years, a new traveler profile has emerged within the travel industry — someone who arrives at a destination for work but is equally enthusiastic about…
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From Fall Foliage to Island Getaways: Where to Travel in October for Every Type of Traveler

Oh, October. Above the equator, sweater weather has arrived. Below the equator, the days are getting longer. Whether choosing a pumpkin-filled farmers market or an island retreat, October, when others are staying put before the…
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Eat Your Way through Bogotá, South America’s New Food City

There’s a reason why The World’s 50 Best Restaurants chose to host its 2017 Latin American awards in Bogotá—the city’s culinary scene is red-hot. Thanks to a new generation of spunky chefs who know how…
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Get Your Culture Fix in Bogotá: A Guide to the Colombian Capital’s Music Scene

As Colombia’s capital, it’s no surprise that Bogotá is a hub of culture. Here are a few places where you can immerse yourself in Colombian music — from highbrow to pop — making unforgettable travel…
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Usaquén is Having a Renaissance. Is This Bogotá’s Best Neighborhood?

Colombia’s capital, Bogotá, is brimming with hotspots that draw more and more visitors each year. Usaquén—though not the newest renaissance neighborhood—is by far the city’s most vibrant one, packed with antique stores, modern cafés, award-winning…
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City Sips: 7 Cups of Coffee in Bogotá

Bogotá, the capital city of Colombia also doubles as a coffee capital. These charming cafés, each with its own unique quirks, origin stories and décor, are some of the best spots to taste Colombian coffee….
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Bogotá Style Report: Colombia’s Fashion-forward City

Perhaps it’s the chilly weather that keeps residents buttoned up to the nines or the influence of transplants that makes Bogotá oh-so stylish. Whatever the reason, one thing is true: you’ll be hard-pressed to find…
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Dive into Bogotá’s Street Art Scene

At street level, Bogotá possesses a distinctly DIY appeal, an ambiance of change being propagated by a new generation. While this undercurrent may feel noisome like punk, it’s the graffiti on display that catches the…
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Sip Your Way through Bogota’s Craft Drink Scene

Colombian mothers are known to scold careless kids saying, “do it right or don’t do it at all.” Bogota’s budding drink purveyors are evidence that the reproof was well received. In recent year, baristas, bartenders…